The Great Gatsby Party “Below Deck” contributes to this unprecedented and most explosive time of the season.


What began with the captain’s fun-themed dinner ended with Capt. Lee Rosbach expelling guests for unsafe actions from a below-deck yacht.

Earlier, Rosbach ended charters, but not because he was upset about the actions of a guest.

When a stew discovered drugs in its cabin, the group of photographers in Episode 1, Season 1 had to cut their charter short. Rosbach turned the ship around and demonstrated to the guests politely that he was not accepting of drugs.

Without incident, they carried on.

But this time, when a drunken charter guest tries to go for a swim during dinner, viewers witness Rosbach’s wrath. Not only does she hesitate to get out of the pool, she taunts Rosbach as well. What contributes to what should have been a fun and playful evening on the boat is seen in previews.

Chef Rachel built an imaginative theme party for guests, ‘Great Gatsby’

Chef Rachel Hargrove planned a special guest dinner that featured waffles and sweet potato tattoos. “I love theme parties,” she says in the teaser film, in a confession. “But what is the Great Gatsby? Is it Leonardo DiCaprio dancing around?” she laughs. “I don’t know, anyway …”

“To me, the ‘Roaring ’20s Dinner’ is a swing,” she says. “Otherwise anything.

The larger, the better it will be.

And the more over-the-top, the more I love it. I mean, that’s what I would sign up for.

As @hargroverachel prepares a 10-course meal on a NEW #BelowDeck, there is no room for error! Bravo (@BravoTV) December 28, 2020 ‘Under Deck Galley Chat’ is a huge hit with fans from ‘Below Deck’

With several of the guests wearing 1920s-inspired costumes, the guests and Rosbach are seen getting ready for dinner.

In her stateroom, the guest, seen later on in the pool, is already enjoying a drink of champagne. Boatman Eddie Lucas admires Rosbach’s boots on the bridge. He says, “Those boots, man, they just do it,”

At some point in the night, things get dicey.

A boisterous party underway is revealed through previews.

But the party ending with Rosbach leaving the charter is seen in another clip.

One of the guests lands on the swimming platform at one point, “Dolores” Standing on the deck, Rosbach can be seen saying “no” because he knows what she is up to.

After the guest dives into the sea, Rosbach curses. He is now furious. “Dolores jumping in the water is the ultimate f**k you to the captain,” Rosbach says in a confession. “She’s drunk, it’s dark, I can’t have someone risking their own life on my watch,” the cameras catch the guest swimming away in the dark ocean as he speaks. “That’s not going to fucking happen.”

‘Under Deck’: Captain Lee shows to the captain the ultimate ‘F**k You.’

The remaining guests sit at the table, fearing they are no longer “likes” by Rosbach. Meanwhile, he goes down to the swimming platform to demand that the guest quickly get out of the pool. Their reaction? “Can I have some bacon?” She then reminds him that she is the customer and has paid for this vacation. “I don’t give a shit what you paid,” he barks back at her.

Rosbach then turns back to the other guests who are already at the table. “I’m sorry to tell you this, but your charter is over,” he says. “She’s in the water. She’s drunk.

And she’s not coming out. We’re going to go back to the dock because I’m not going to put up with this.”

Below Deck airs Monday at 9:20 p.m. on Bravo.


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