The funny manner in which Rihanna assisted Kelly Rowland unintentionally with parental duties


The illustrious career of Kelly Rowland is frequently overshadowed by the mega-success of Beyoncé, her former Destiny’s Child bandmate.

But in her own right, Rowland is an awesome artist and has made some stunning contributions to the R&B catalog. Rowland shares her parenting advice with her fans now that she’s a wife. One contains a product from the FENTY beauty line of her friend Rihanna.

There isn’t a feud between Beyoncé and Rihanna, says Kelly Rowland

Rowland and both Rihanna and Beyoncé are friends, and that has never been an issue for her.

Rowland told the New York Daily News that it’s all fake, amid tabloid rumors that Bey and RiRi hate each other. Rowland and Beyoncé are both best friends, and with utter confidence, Rowland can claim that no rivalry exists.

Beyoncé is resenting Rihanna for her tight friendship with Queen B’s ex, Jay-Z, according to some media outlets.

They also claim that when Beyoncé released an album shortly after Rihanna, Rihanna was upset as well.

But Rowland says that between the two, there is nothing but support.

They are two women who love each other, according to Rowland.

The rest of the globe begins with competition.

These are really healthy women.

Kelly Rowland used the beauty products of Rihanna to send something special for her son to the Tooth Fairy

This holiday season, give all of you love, happiness, and protection! KELENDRIA ROWLAND (@KELLYROWLAND) December 24, 2020 If there was a rivalry between Beyoncé and Rihanna, Rowland would certainly not be using Rihanna’s beauty items.

Beyoncé is still her best friend after all.

They may have had solo careers, but before they became successful, they were best friends.

A sure indication that there is no bad blood between Beyoncé and the younger artist is the fact that Rowland admits to using Rihanna’s goods.

For their intended intent, Rowland doesn’t just use the goods.

On her Pretty Big Deal podcast, the former Destiny’s Child singer told Ashley Graham that she used one of Rihanna’s FENTY beauty items as fairy dust to add some authenticity to a note left for her son by the Tooth Fairy.

She used the FENTY bronzer, according to Rowland, to make a dust trail leading to her son’s room, then rubbed the dust all over the note.

I wake up and literally — I’m sorry, Rihanna — I used the Fenty Golden Bronzer, and from the window I drizzled it all over his bedroom, and you see all over this little fairy dust.

And to make a trail, I use a little brush.

And I got it all over my goddamn sheets because that night he slept with us and I was so angry. So I wrote a letter and sprayed it all over with the fairy dust.

And he said, “She was coming! She was coming!” and he showed me the trail and thought it was the coolest thing.

Kelly Rowland is open to the manner in which she raises her son

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAYThat’s just the Best thing I’ve ever had!!! The best part is the participation of my husband and son in making me one! And for trusting me, I thank God! MOTHER’S HAPPY DAY to all the moms out there! KELENDRIA ROWLAND (@KELLYROWLAND) May 10, 2020 The favourite Destiny’s Child album by Kelly Rowland is an underrated classic song.

The most vocal celebrity is not Rowland. She was reticent about revealing details about her dating life before she married her husband. However, now that she has a son, Rowland is not afraid of sharing her mom’s wisdom with the world. She freely speaks about raising her son to love his black heritage with her fans and also shares images of him on social media.

But Rowland may have deceived her fans unwittingly on the substance she was using for the pixie dust.

The Golden Bronzer from FENTY is a lightweight, pressed powder.

While Rowland said she used a brush to make the marks, it’s hard to believe that she got so much out of the substance that that night it was all over her bed. A substance like the Liquid Diamond Bomb highlighter or the appropriately called Fairy Bomb Shimmer Powder may have possibly been used by Rowland.


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