The FOUR methods hack could cause serious health problems, according to a viral laundry trend warning.


The FOUR methods hack could cause serious health problems, according to a viral laundry trend warning.

On social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram, laundry and cleaning trends may be popular. However, one expert has warned that this could affect your clothes as well as your health.

In recent months, laundry hacks have grown increasingly popular on TikTok and Instagram, with one in particular seeing users mix fabric softeners, scented beads, and detergents for the ultimate perfumed wash. It’s part of a viral phenomenon known as “Cleaning Overload.”

While the videos are visually appealing and produce satisfying results, one expert has warned that there is a darker side to this popular video trend.

This website was told by Deyan Dimitrov, a laundry specialist and the CEO of Laundryheap, that not only can this trend harm your clothes and washing machine, but it can also harm your health.

According to Mr Dimitrov, product overloading is “just as it sounds.”

“Many washing machine owners have also started using excessive amounts of cleaning products in their loads of washing, with some using multiple types of fabric softener, stain remover, scented balls, washing tabs, and bleaching agents in one wash,” he stated.

“I wouldnâ€TMt recommend this way of cleaning to households because product overloading can be damaging to your clothes, property, and health.”

When it comes to dousing your garments in chemical-based cleaners, this practice poses a particularly severe risk.

“I would urge households not to overfill their washing machines with detergent or any other product,” Mr Dimitrov said, “as overloading can leave residue on garments that can irritate the skin when it comes into contact with it over time.”

“Those with sensitive skin or skin diseases like eczema or psoriasis are more vulnerable.”

Using a variety of cleaning agents may appear to be the most effective approach to remove stains and maintain freshness, but Mr Dimitrov advises that this is not the case.

“I always advise against using too many products when doing your laundry,” he stated.

“Doing so causes residue to build up on your clothes, which can fade colors, make clothes scratchy and stiff, and limit their lifespan.”

In fact, using too many detergents might cause garments to lose their shape.

“Using harsh or too many products in your laundry cycle could eventually damage your clothes items, ruining the fibres,” Mr Dimitrov added.


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