‘The Forgotten Battle’ on Netflix: 5 Things to Know About the Dutch World War II Film


‘The Forgotten Battle’ on Netflix: 5 Things to Know About the Dutch World War II Film

The Battle of the Scheldt, a lesser-known confrontation between the Allies and the Germans near the end of World War II, is the subject of the film.

A brand new military drama is coming to Netflix, and it looks fantastic. ‘The Forgotten Battle,’ a Dutch WWII war film, seems to be an engaging watch as we witness the pivotal Battle of the Scheldt, in which the lives of a glider pilot, a Nazi soldier, and a reluctant Resistance recruit tragically converge.

Among the plethora of war films available, Netflix’s ‘The Forgotten Battle’ may be worth viewing, as the trailer depicts intensity, gloom, blood, and all the other awful aspects of battle. A large-scale production with a brilliant cast, stunning graphics, and high production value is sure to attract attention. This film may be just what you’re looking for if you enjoy period dramas. Netflix Top 10: Brinkwire News The top Netflix non-English shows include ‘The Protector,’ ‘Sacred Games,’ and ‘Money Heist.’ Netflix has revealed the cast of ‘The Comedy Lineup.’ When will ‘The Forgotten Battle’ be released, and where will it be available to watch? On October 15, 2021, ‘The Forgotten Battle’ will be released. It’s available on Netflix.

Tom Felton (Harry Potter), Susan Radder (Painkillers), Gijs Blom (The Letter for the King), and Jamie Flatters (Good Trouble: What if the Suit Chokes?) star in ‘The Forgotten Battle.’

What is the story behind ‘The Forgotten Battle’?

According to the official Netflix synopsis:

“The month of November 1944. Thousands of friends resist the German forces on the waterlogged island of Walcheren in Zeeland. Touching the lives of three young people who are intimately linked. A Dutch kid fighting for the Germans, an English glider pilot, and a Zeeland girl who reluctantly joined the resistance all become engaged, and they are forced to make difficult decisions that affect not just their own freedom but also the freedom of others.” Matthijs van Heijningen Jr directs ‘The Forgotten Battle,’ which was penned by Paula van der Oest and Jesse Maiman.


Here’s a quick rundown of what you can expect from ‘The Forgotten Battle.’


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