‘The Flash’ Season 8 Episode 2: It’s the beginning of the end for Barry as he loses his mind.


Season 8 Episode 2 of ‘The Flash’: It’s the beginning of the end for Barry as he loses his mind.

Despero has begun to play mind games with Barry Allen, and he is beginning to lose his mind.

The newest season of ‘The Flash’ has arrived, and fans are eager to see how Barry Allen and his friends save the world from an alien threat this time.

The first episode, however, made it clear that people must save themselves from Barry.

Despero, an alien from an unknown world, arrived on Earth in the first episode and sought out Barry (Grant Gustin) and Team Flash to save the planet.

Despero (Tony Curran) tells everyone, including Barry, that he, and no one else, is the one who will bring the world to an end.

Everyone is taken aback when they learn this, and Barry assures Despero that he will not harm anyone and requests a week to prove himself.

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However, Despero’s mind games have already begun, and Barry is in serious trouble.

Barry arrives at a crime scene in the second episode, and as soon as he begins his investigation, Kramer (Carmen Moore) appears and informs him that he has been suspended from his job due to federal charges.

The police officer explained that a few years ago, Joseph Carver tampered with evidence in the case of Millie Rawlins, and the DA reopened the investigation and discovered that Carver had a second man in his team who assisted him in tampering with evidence, and it appears that Barry is that guy.

Barry inquires of the police officer about a bank security guard who became enraged during the heist and began acting erratically.

As a result, he needs to see him before anyone is hurt.

He is, however, not permitted to do so, and his identification card is revoked.

Despero is doing all of this to make sure he’s in good mental health.

A few moments later, Barry receives a call from STAR LABS advising him to hurry because the lab is being shut down by the authorities.

When Barry arrives at the lab, a government official informs him that the lab’s radiation levels are dangerous and can kill anyone.

Everyone at the office says it’s impossible, but Chester claims that their systems haven’t been updated in a week, which is why they didn’t know about it.

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