The FIVE winter cleaning tips you should know about white vinegar cleaning hacks


Cleaning with white vinegar: The FIVE winter cleaning hacks you should know

WHITE VINEGAR has become a staple in household cleaning, but what are the best ways to incorporate it into your winter cleaning routine?

White vinegar has proven to be a powerful cleaning agent that can be used in nearly any room of the house.

White vinegar has replaced a variety of commercial products, from stainless steel stovetops to bathroom mirrors, due to its fast-acting acidity.

These are the must-have hacks for cleaning your property with white vinegar as winter approaches.

After a long day outside in the cold winter weather, crisp towels and rigid bed sheets can feel far from inviting.

With a cup of white vinegar, you can keep your bedding and bath towels softer for longer.

Pour it into the rinse dispenser to reduce static and soften your cozy bath towels and winter bedding for a softer texture.

When softening fabrics, combine distilled vinegar with a fragrant detergent to mask the vinegar’s odor.

The cold and flu season has arrived, bringing with it a slew of nasty germs and viruses that can infect our homes.

Don’t overlook the importance of sanitizing your toothbrush if you’re suffering from a winter illness.

If you leave the bacteria that causes your chesty cough or sore throat on your toothbrush, it could linger and return quickly.

While the germs will eventually die, it’s best to soak your toothbrush for 20-30 minutes in distilled white vinegar to kill any bacteria that may be lurking.

To avoid an unpleasant vinegar taste when brushing your teeth, thoroughly rinse after soaking.

With the arrival of winter, it’s the perfect time to stock up on chunky knits and fluffy clothing.

While thick loungewear and warm woolly jumpers are ideal for the winter, they can quickly add to the amount of lint on your clothes.

Allow one cup of distilled white vinegar to work its magic in your regular laundry.

It will not only remove stains from clothing, but it will also create a repellent layer that will prevent pet hair and lint from clinging to your clothes.

Empty plates covered in stodgy sauces and food scraps can wreak havoc on your dishwasher when you serve hearty winter recipes.

Using to thoroughly clean your dishwasher.

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