The first performance of Elvis Presley: How the exceedingly frightened King overcome his stage fright.


The first performance of Elvis Presley: How the exceedingly frightened King overcome his stage fright.

According to Graceland, ELVIS PRESLEY’s first billed concert saw the future singer suffer from terrible nervousness, which strangely ended up strengthening his confidence.

Elvis Presley rose to popularity in 1956, but he had been suffering from stage fear for two years as a budding performer. The future King’s first public appearance was as a support act for Slim Whitman. Elvis’ fears, according to Graceland, ended up helping him gain confidence.

“FLASHBACK: July 30, 1954,” Graceland captioned the poster on Instagram.

“Elvis Presley makes his first public appearance at the Overton Park Shell in Memphis, as part of a hillbilly hoedown headlined by Slim Whitman and Billy Walker.

“Elvis is so nervous that when he performs, his legs begin to shake, and the crowded park goes crazy.

“At first, Elvis thinks they’re making fun of him, but then he learns that they were simply reacting to his movements.” Want to listen to your favorite musicians and the latest songs? To listen to limitless music on Amazon Music, sign up for a free 30-day trial at this link.

So, in the end, “Elvis shakes his legs again during his encore, but this time he does so on purpose.” And that’s where The King’s famed gyrating hips came from; the same ones that were deleted from one of his Ed Sullivan show appearances –when the live television camera filmed him above the waist.

Priscilla Presley, Elvis’ ex-wife, stated that Elvis’ stage phobia will remain.

“Even when he did the ’68 special: nerve-racking,” she stated on This Morning in 2019. He wanted to stop right there,” Priscilla added, “because he didn’t feel like he was going to perform the way they expected him to because he has matured.”

“And, of course, you couldn’t chat to him before the show in Vegas. You didn’t enter his dressing room, did you?

“To get out there, he had to do his own mental, emotional meditation for himself.” Nonetheless, once on stage, Elvis was the confident and captivating performer his fans have come to expect.

“But once he was on that stage, you’d never know it because he relished it so much and loved it,” Priscilla added. An Elvis Presley biopic is in the works. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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