The first episode of Gordon Ramsay’s Bank Balance gets canceled.


The first episode of Gordon Ramsay’s Bank Balance gets canceled.

When Gordon Ramsay’s gameshow Bank Balance proved to be a ratings disappointment after only one season, the BBC axed it.

“The astonishing thing about the BBC’s weird new game show Gordon Ramsay’s Bank Balance is that Ramsay was not the most unpleasant thing in it,” one reviewer said. Contestants on the game show had to answer questions in order to win the chance to balance gold bars on a perilous wobble board. £100,000 was the top prize.

Ramsay appeared as presenter after assisting in the development of the format through his production firm Studio Ramsay. The show aired on BBC One for nine nights in February.

However, after starting with 2.7 million viewers, the show lost more than one million viewers in just two days, with only 1.5 million tuning in for the third episode.

“There are no present plans for another series of Bank Balance,” a BBC official said yesterday.

Despite a shaky start in the United Kingdom, Ramsay, 54, plans to bring the format to the United States as part of an agreement between Studio Ramsay and Fox.

Bank Balance could return to the UK, according to a representative for the TV chef, who is reported to be worth £48 million.

“We’re playing Covid catch-up on US contractual responsibilities in 2022,” she explained. But that doesn’t rule out the possibility of him bringing it back to the UK in the future.” Ramsay, 54, stated before the first series that he hoped for a “great smash” with the show, which he described as a “game of strategy and accuracy.”

And the BBC’s entertainment bosses were so thrilled that they gave it a nine-episode run in the primetime 9pm slot over three weeks.

Bradley Walsh’s The Chase had 4.4 million viewers on ITV at 5 p.m. at the time, while Danny Dyer’s game show The Wall had four million on BBC One.

Viewers, on the other hand, panned Bank Balance for its “cringeworthy” banter, “opaque” rules, and lack of drama, with one calling it a “poor man’s Buckaroo.”

Ramsay, a father of five, said the show was “filled with jeopardy” and that he had great hopes for its popularity when it premiered.

When compared to The Chase and Who Wants to be a Millionaire, it comes out on top. “Make it a UK cool Britannia hit,” he hoped. Allow that to speak for itself.” He did agree, though, that there was a chance. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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