The financial setback for Escape to the Chateau ’causes me anguish,’ says Dick Strawbridge.


The financial setback for Escape to the Chateau ’causes me anguish,’ says Dick Strawbridge.

DICK STRAWBRIDGE has spoken about the financial difficulties he and his wife Angel Adoree had when they originally purchased their chateau.

Dick Strawbridge and Angel Adoree purchased a chateau in France to begin their new life and company as wedding venues. Dick, on the other hand, described the hurdles he had when attempting to restore all 59 windows in their massive home in an old episode.

The chateau’s windows have a sophisticated locking system known as cremone, but replacing 59 shattered panes was a challenge for Dick.

“If you look here, you’ve got the curve going in on the female, and it sticks out on the male,” Dick remarked.

“When the two come together, the male enters in like that and gives it rumpy-pumpy, which means no draught comes through, which I prefer.”

Many of the windows were entirely rotten, necessitating their replacement, which would ordinarily cost over £60,000.

Dick, on the other hand, had plans to restore them himself, stating, “Paying other people to work for you brings me agony; it’s far better to do it yourself.”

“We just have to chop off enough, and then that gives us two straight edges,” Dick said to Angel’s father Steve.

It wasn’t going to be an easy job, though, because the windows in the chateaus were all different shapes and sizes.

“This is the cut list we have, and we know we have three of them that are 50 and three that are 45 in the entrance hall,” he said Steve.

Dick purchased timber from local vendors in the hopes of having it cut to size for him, but he ran into yet another hurdle.

“I went along to the lumber yard just to find out that they’re going on vacation for five weeks,” he added. “So I had to acquire what is basically dried oak really quickly.”

“So, what we have to do now is find the planks, the fragments of wood that are inside this heartwood,” says the narrator. “What was going to be a massive job suddenly got a lot bigger.”

He informed the camera, laughing at what was in store for him, “We love a challenge,” and then started off on his mission.

Dick quickly abandons his plan to make the windows himself and opts to patch instead. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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