The ‘fantastic’ beach in Spain is one of the top British tourist attractions in the world.


The ‘fantastic’ beach in Spain is one of the top British tourist attractions in the world.

ARE YOU LOOKING FOR A BEAUTIFUL BEACH GETAWAY? According to a new study, Spain is one of the greatest beach destinations for British tourists.

Spain is a popular tourist destination in the United Kingdom, with many British tourists flocking to the Mediterranean country each year for sun, sand, and sea. While many British tourists flock to the beautiful Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca, one of Spain’s best beaches can be discovered elsewhere.

Bounce’s travel expert team examined significant elements such as weather, sea temperature, lodging price, and quantity of eateries in the study.

They also looked at how many individuals had tagged the beach in a holiday photo on Instagram.

While the beautiful Copacabana in Rio de Janeiro took first place, one Spanish beach also entered the top ten.

Barceloneta Beach is the world’s eighth finest beach and a popular tourist attraction for British visitors.

Playa de La Barceloneta, which is located on the outskirts of the bustling Spanish city of Barcelona, has been hashtagged an amazing 94,600 times on Instagram.

Tourists are spoiled for choice when it comes to beach snacks, with over 9,500 pubs and restaurants to choose from.

Hotel rates are inexpensive, with a hotel room on the beach costing an average of £134 per night.

Tourists from the United Kingdom who visit Barceloneta Beach will be able to enjoy all that Barcelona has to offer.

“Fantastic clean beach, lots of activities like windsurfing, kayaking, paddle boarding,” Joanne Hurley said on Tripadvisor.

“The boardwalk is ideal for scooters, bikes, and other modes of transportation.” It’s a really touristy town, but it’s a lot of fun and there’s a lot to see and do.” “We arrived on a sunny day in September, the temperature of the Mediterranean Sea was ideal, and the beach was not at all crowded,” Snowball’s adventure said. “Beautiful, clean beach provides a wonderful walk into Barcelona center,” KiwiKerry33 said. “It’s really nice, however there’s a tiny breeze.” The Playa de Barceloneta, which is located in the city’s fishing neighborhood, is known for its superb seafood.

A major aquarium is also located in La Barceloneta, making it a great day trip for any families visiting the area.

Outside of Spain, the United States had four of the top beaches for British tourists.

“Brinkwire Summary News” includes Miami Beach, Venice Beach in Los Angeles, South Beach in Miami, and Santa Monica Beach.


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