The expert on Antiques Roadshow refuses to assess the ‘grotesque’ mystery artefact discovered in the coal shed.


The expert on Antiques Roadshow refuses to assess the ‘grotesque’ mystery artefact discovered in the coal shed.

ANTIQUES ROADSHOW doesn’t frequently perplex experts, but one episode had Marc Allum, a miscellaneous specialist, befuddled by a “weird” object discovered in an ancient coal shed.

Marc was perplexed when a guest brought in a carved, alien-like figure they had seen on the hit BBC valuation show Antiques Roadshow. He told Marc that while excavating his property, contractors discovered an ancient coal shed, and that the mystery thing was inside. The expert called the unique object as “grotesque,” but confessed that valuing it would be difficult and that he couldn’t supply one.

“This is the oddest, most intriguing little object I’ve seen in a long time,” Marc said as he examined the item, which was a drawing of what appeared to be a creature with big eyes cradling a small child.

“Can you tell me where you got it?” “We discovered it in 2014,” a roadshow visitor explained.

“We were excavating out the back of our property, and the builders unearthed what we believe to be an ancient coal shed as they came closer to the home.

“We came across what appeared to be a weirdly shaped rock laying amid the rubble.

“[We] scooped it up, and there it was, this bizarre creature.”

“We’ve had it ever since and wondered really what it is – it’s a mystery,” the item’s perplexed owner continued.

Marc concurred, “It is a pretty strange little object.” “It’s a little grotesque, isn’t it? And it begs you to start questioning it.”

“Well, I believe let’s look at what it’s made out of for a start,” he said, analyzing the strange drawing carved on the stone-like piece.

“There are a couple of hints. I’m going to put my glasses on to take a look – we can see some fractures in the neck here, which tells me it’s not stone right away.

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“It’s quite strong and weighty, and I can tell it’s fired pottery because of that kind of shrinkage crack.”

“It kind of seems like a predecessor to ET, doesn’t it?” he noted as he examined the unusual creature.

“It appears to be a reproductive figure in.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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