The Ending of Netflix’s ‘Grudge’ Is Explained: THE TURKISH MOVIE’S SHOCKING END MAKES IT A MUST SEE.


The Ending of Netflix’s ‘Grudge’ Is Explained: THE TURKISH MOVIE’S SHOCKING END MAKES IT A MUST SEE.

Will Chief Inspector Harun be able to overcome his demons and be clean about his past? Take a look at how ‘Grudge’ ended. Netflix has worked extremely hard to expand its platform to over 190 countries and continues to collaborate with local filmmakers by providing them with opportunities to showcase their work on their streaming service. The platform has recently released incredible worldwide projects that have caught the world by storm.

Some of the most popular non-English language titles on the platform include ‘Money Heist,’ ‘Who Killed Sara?,’ and ‘Forever Rich,’ with the list growing every other week. ‘Grudge,’ a Turkish criminal drama, is the most recent addition to the list. Chief Inspector Harun (Yilmaz Erdogan) is the protagonist of the film, and he has just been awarded Police Officer of the Year for his outstanding service. His life, however, is turned upside down when a ghost from his past reappears.

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‘Grudge’ on Netflix: Release date, spoilers, and everything you need to know about the Turkish crime drama

The Turkish film is without a doubt one of the best international films available on Netflix, and its story is its greatest asset. The movie moves at a quick speed and never lets you become bored. According to the plot, Harun accidently murders the cab driver who kidnapped him, and before he died, he remarked, “You (Harun) will get the penalty for what he done in the past.” So, how did Harun react? And will he be able to solve the case before his secret is revealed? Let’s take a look at how ‘Grudge’ ended.

Ending of ‘Grudge’ What did Harun do in the past, as explained? Harun tries everything to clear his name after killing the taxi driver and never tells anyone that it was he who killed the guy. Everything changes, however, when the taxi driver is suspended from a crane at the top of a building, and the case becomes a media sensation. Harun strives to maintain his composure and is eager to solve the case. While investigating, one of his juniors, Tuncay, discovers a tie-pin in the cab, which turns out to be the same accessory that was given to Harun as a gift by his coworkers.

Harun, on the other hand, tampers with the evidence and never allows anyone to watch the most crucial footage. Tuncay learns about him and informs him about it. Harun is resigning from his position because he feels bad about what he’s done. At that point, he discovers that the person responsible for all of this is a woman named. Brinkwire News in a Nutshell


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