The Duke of Cambridge is named after Prince William of Gloucester, the “daredevil Prince.”


The Duke of Cambridge is named after Prince William of Gloucester, the “daredevil Prince.”

PRINCE WILLIAM of Gloucester was born in 1941 and was Queen Elizabeth’s and Princess Margaret’s first cousin growing up.

Prince William of Gloucester died in a flying crash 49 years ago today, at the age of 30, after living the life of a “daredevil prince,” according to royal observers. Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester and Alice, Duchess of Gloucester were Prince William’s parents.

William was one of King George V and Queen Mary’s youngest grandchildren through his father.

William was the fourth in line to the throne at the time of his birth.

Prince William was the older brother of Prince Richard, the Duke of Gloucester, who is currently 76 years old.

If not for his untimely death, William would have inherited the Dukedom of Gloucester.

On November 20, 1947, he and his cousin, Prince Michael of Kent, served as page boys at Princess Elizabeth and Philip Mountbatten’s wedding.

The Prince, who attended Eton College, was regarded by his peers and professors for being intelligent and athletic.

William went on to study History at Magdalene College, Cambridge, and then Political Science, American History, and Business at Stanford University in California.

The royal began working at the British High Commission in Lagos as the third secretary in 1965.

In 1968, he was assigned to the British Embassy in Tokyo as the second secretary.

He lived a life devoid of royal obligations and convention, according to royal analysts.

William had met the woman he meant to marry by the time he died, had she been regarded proper in royal circles.

In Tokyo in 1968, Zsuzsi Starkloff met Prince William, and the two apparently fell madly in love.

The royal courtiers, on the other hand, were sure that Starkloff was unsuitable. Their relationship was never publicly acknowledged because she was a twice-divorced Jewish mother of two young children.

Non-Church of England members were not allowed to marry into the Royal Family at the time, and divorce was not authorized.

Despite this, they maintained a communication until his death in 1972.

When William’s father, Prince Henry, suffered from strokes in 1970, he was forced to return to the UK to administer his father’s estate and work as a full-time royal.

Prince William, who was a licensed pilot and owned many planes, competed in the Goodyear International Air Trophy in 1972. “Brinkwire Summary News.” The Duchess of Gloucester was.


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