The Dark Knight’: To persuade Morgan Freeman to play Lucius Foxx, Christopher Nolan had to work very hard


No matter what film he’s in, with his performances, Morgan Freeman still manages to impress the audience. He is quite a sight on screen with his sultry voice and wispy gray hair.

It was precisely for this reason that director Christopher Nolan wanted Freeman to appear in the “Dark Knight” trilogy, but at first Freeman wasn’t very interested.

Actually, before Freeman decided to play Lucius Fox’s role in the iconic franchise, it took some convincing.

From the outset, Christopher Nolan realized he wanted Morgan Freeman.

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In the “Dark Knight” trilogy, Nolan spent a lot of time trying to find out who would play each part. Nolan already knew who he wanted for the part of Lucius Fox, Batman’s gadget supplier, even though it took a lot of thought to find out who would play many of the characters in the films.

In an interview on the Warner Brothers YouTube channel, he explained the process.

Nolan said, “When I started writing the character of Lucius, I did something I’ve always avoided doing in the past, which is writing with Morgan Freeman in mind,”

For Nolan, it is a challenge to write a character with an actor in mind, as it can often carry limitations.

“Trying to write characterization around an actor can be limiting, and I tried not to make it limiting,” Nolan said. I wrote a part that I had never seen him play before.

But I knew that I just wanted him to be there, and I went after him for many, many months.

Christopher Nolan had trouble getting Morgan Freeman to play the “Dark Knight” role.

While Nolan knew for the role that he wanted Freeman, Freeman was not so sure it was a good option. Nolan spent several months pursuing him for the role and even visited Freeman to try to persuade him in his hometown.

He was really difficult to persuade, whatever he tells you now,” Nolan said. “I actually flew to Memphis to meet him in person to really explain to him why he wanted the job.

And he actually said yes, and he turned up.

Though Freeman agreed to play Lucius Fox in theory, Nolan still had doubts that the actor would turn up for the shoot.

When he finally turned up for the shoot, I was very glad, because I had started to believe it was never going to happen,” said Nolan. “But I managed to get him in the end.

Morgan Freeman does not see Lucius Fox as the father figure of Bruce Wayne,

Freeman uncovered his views on Lucius Fox in a separate interview with HeyUGuys.

“Bruce is … in this difficult place and really intends to stay there,”Bruce is… in this difficult place and really intends to stay there. “But circumstances are luring him out and I’m no different. I have something, and I want him to look at it.”

Lucius is liked by Freeman because he embodies values he doesn’t think he has.

“He’s a brain,”He is a brain. “He is really decent, he is faithful.

But he’s incredibly intelligent, I think. I like that, because I’m not.


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