The country has ‘crap TV’ and ‘endemic corruption,’ according to a British expat in’sunnier’ Spain.


‘Sunnier’ Spain, according to a British expat, has ‘crap TV’ and ‘endemic corruption.’

SPAIN is a popular choice for British expats looking for a more laid-back lifestyle, better weather, and delicious food.

Fiona, a British expat who quit her job in London and spent a year in Ecuador, relocated to the south of Spain.

She has no plans to return to the UK, despite having a Spanish husband and two bilingual children.

Fiona said she travels to the UK on a regular basis and wants her children to be “exposed to as much English culture and influences as possible.”

Her primary motivation for leaving the United Kingdom was to find “a smaller, friendlier, sunnier city,” which she appeared to have discovered in Spain.

She found the transition to life in Spain to be “no problem” because her move was “more about lifestyle than career.”

“It was incredibly easy to meet people at first – I already had a few introductions, through which I met my flatmate (who is now one of my closest friends), and I met a great gang of girls through the English language academy where I worked,” she said.

“English teachers’ social lives are a whirlwind of tapas, pub quizzes, and late nights in seedy bars – just the way I liked it back then!”

However, becoming a mother and relocating to the suburbs was not as simple.

“Now that I’m a mother living in the suburbs, there are very few English people around, and I’m slowly getting to know more Spanish people, primarily the other mothers at my children’s school,” Fiona explained.

“Because it’s a small town where everyone knows everyone else, they’re a little suspicious of me as a foreigner, and some aren’t open to friendship because of it.”

Fiona loved her expat life, praising the “cheap food, sunshine, and proximity to a huge variety of places to visit within easy driving distance.”

Fiona had access to “beaches, mountains, hilltop towns, cities (Granada, Cordoba, Malaga, Cadiz)” after relocating just outside of Seville.

Fiona was content in Spain, but she had some complaints.

“The cons of living here in Spain are the terrible TV, the appallingly slow and inefficient bureaucracy, and the endemic corruption,” she said.

She also offered some advice to fellow Britons considering relocating to Spain.

“Check out the area where you’re going to live carefully before you sign a rental agreement,” she advised would-be British expats.

She went on to say,

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