The complete guide to what to sow in your garden this August.


The complete guide to what to sow in your garden this August.

THE SUMMER IS COMING TO AN END, and now is the time to sow some seeds in preparation for the next autumn months, giving those nice dinners a home-grown flavour.

With anything from late summer salad crops to oriental vegetables, there’s plenty of greens you can sow in your garden this month, rain or shine. Now is the time to sow and cultivate from seed to crop, whether you’re planning a big Sunday roast or an Asian-fusion dish.

Summer lettuce, radish, rocket, sorrel, chicory (red and sugarloaf), and fennel are all excellent salad crops to produce in August.

If you live in the south of England, you’re in luck if you have any leftover spring cabbage, turnips, oriental vegetables, or winter onion seeds that may be sown.

The Royal Horticultural Society recommends sowing green manures such as crimson clover and Italian ryegrass as a soil improver and to cover bare areas for the best benefits in your Autumn crop.

When it comes to fall seeds, pak choi, Japanese onions, and Tokyo cross turnips might help you get your oriental fix.

If you’re growing onions, choose the Senshyu Yellow or Keepwell types, which may be planted in August and harvested in June for summer salads.

When planted outside in August under ideal conditions, Tokyo cross turnips can be harvested in about 30 days.

This hybrid turnip is usually larger than its European counterparts and is ready to harvest when it reaches a diameter of one to two centimetres.

If you haven’t planted peas yet, time is running out as the Great British summer draws to a close.

It’s their final chance for an autumn harvest, so choose an early-maturing variety like Douce Provence or Meteor.

Land cress or American cress are good substitutes for watercress and can usually withstand even the harshest winters.

For optimal results, grow your cress in modular trays to reduce root disturbance.

It’s not just about vegetables; now is an excellent time to plant your newly potted strawberries so they can establish themselves before the winter arrives.

Alternatively, start growing winter-flowering pansies for a lovely splash of color in your yard.

Poppies, Californian poppies, cornflower ‘Dwarf Blue Midget,’ and calendula are all hardy annual seeds. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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