The ‘cheapest’ days to book your festive staycation and ‘pay less’ in the UK.


The ‘cheapest’ days to book your festive staycation and ‘pay less’ in the United Kingdom during the Christmas holidays.

THE HOLIDAYS ARE COMING SOON, and families all over the country are making plans for their holiday staycations.

However, as the demand for seasonal vacations grows, are there any ways to save money?

Christmas is one of the best times for a UK staycation, whether it’s a cozy log cabin retreat or a festive weekend city break.

And, following the cancellation of plans due to lockdown restrictions in December, bookings are expected to increase.

However, with increased demand comes an increase in prices, especially as rooms fill up.

Even in the midst of the holiday rush, there are bargains to be had – especially for those who are willing to be flexible.

Certain days of the week, according to Neena Jivraj-Stevenson, Chief Culture Officer at Point A Hotels, may hold the key to significant savings.

Ms Jivraj-Stevenson, the family-run hotel chain’s resident “staycation guru,” revealed some of the industry’s best money-saving secrets while working across its ten UK and Ireland locations.

Although you may believe that the only days that matter when planning a staycation are the ones you intend to be gone, this is not always the case.

According to Ms Jivraj-Stevenson, the days you choose to book your vacation can have a big impact on the price.

“Most people look to book their holidays at the end of the week – nothing like that spontaneous Friday Feeling right?” she told this website.

“However, if you can book your trips during the week rather than on the weekend or even on Friday, you will have a better chance of getting a better deal.”

Ms Jivraj-Stevenson revealed that the hotel chain frequently experiences a “surge in bookings” on Friday and Saturday nights, as guests near the end of their work week.

“Booking on a Wednesday or Thursday can mean you’re paying less per room night because you’re getting ahead of this online traffic, which can lead to prices going up and room availability going down.”

Of course, the days of the week you choose to stay have an impact on how much money you take out.

Prices are influenced by supply and demand in the majority of cases.

Even if room rates do not reflect popularity, less expensive rooms tend to fill up first, followed by large suites.

This is why the staycation expert at Point A Hotels advises avoiding these busy days.

“If,” she says.

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