The cheapest beach town in the United Kingdom to buy a holiday house is named.


The cheapest beach town in the United Kingdom to buy a holiday house is named.

With foreign travel becoming increasingly difficult, many people may be considering purchasing a holiday house along the British coast. But which location would provide you with the most bang for your buck?

The top 10 places to buy a holiday property by the sea, according to a Parkdean Resorts report, include a Welsh town at the top.

Not only was the average house price considered when determining the best seaside town to buy a second home, but also the population of over 65-year-olds, the quality of healthcare, the most popular places, and the happiness score.

Swansea, Wales, has been named the most affordable seaside location to buy a vacation house.

The average house price in Swansea is under £146,000!

Aberystwyth, also in Wales, came in second, with a holiday home costing roughly £147,000, while Lytham St Annes, Lancashire, came in third with a holiday home costing around £150,000.

After scoring 179 on the Seaside Holiday Home Index, the Welsh city of Swansea was voted as not only the cheapest but also the greatest seaside town to buy a second home.

Swansea is Wales’ second-largest city, but it also has the most spectacular coastline vistas. Buying a second home in Swansea is the most cheap alternative in the UK, with an average house price of £146,657. In terms of happiness, the city has a 7.49/10 rating.

Lytham St Annes is a lovely coastal village on the Lancashire coast. This is the second cheapest place in the UK to buy a house, with an average happiness rating of 7.44/10.

The average cost of a property for a staycation by the sea in Lancashire is £147,244.

Aberystwyth, also in Wales, is a seaside town with a lively city center and 180 miles of Coastal Way, making it an ideal summer vacation destination.

Aberystwyth’s typical house costs £190,661.

The analysis also found the cheapest beach communities in terms of local income for individuals considering buying a vacation house overseas.

Some of the top possibilities were shown to be Dubai, Gran Canaria, and San Sebastian.

Other affordable holiday home investment options were Barcelona, Copenhagen, and Lisbon.

However, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, in Spain, came out on top. In terms of average housing prices, cost of living, and health, the town was voted as the best alternative. It also received a. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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