‘The Challenge’: A rival of “Double Agents” said that veteran players are doing this one thing to exclude other veteran players


Double Agents are back with MTV’s The Challenge. For the ultimate grand prize, both veterans and rookies play in teams to face off in regular competitions and win elimination rounds against rivals.

This season, the rookies look tough – but the veterans are prepared. Sadly, some veterans seem to have a plan to take other seasoned players out of the game early. The deal’s here.

On MTV’s show “The Challenge: Double Agents,” a variety of veterans are competing.

The rookies in the competition, both physically and psychologically, look tougher than ever.

Fans, though, love to see their favorite veterans participating in the eliminations.

TV Insider tells us that in Season 36, there are plenty of old-school veterans vying for the big bucks.

In her 14th challenge, Aneesa Ferreira competes, and Ashley Mitchell returns for her eighth, C.T.

For his 18th challenge, Tamburello is in, Leroy Garrett is in for his 12th and Wes Bergmann is in for his 14th.

And that just scratches the veterans’ surface greedy for a victory.

At Double Agents, Darrell Taylor is one of the most famous players returning to win the prize money.

This is his ninth challenge, and he has already won The Gauntlet, The Inferno, The Inferno II and Fresh Meat. He has also participated in The Ruins, Fresh Meat II, Champions Invasion, and Dirty 30, but due to a flub, he was sent home shockingly early in Dirty 30. As he returns for Double Agents, it seems he has something to prove.

Darrell Taylor said this technique is used by veteran players to scare other veterans away.

In a discussion with the Challenge Mania podcast, Taylor talked candidly about his return to the competition. While he’s familiar with some veterans’ scheming tactics, Taylor seems to be more of a fan of competing against each other in an elimination round to get the job done.

And he told the podcasters that some veteran players have tactics of their own to kill other seasoned contestants early on.

Taylor clarified that because he had won four challenge relays in the past, he suddenly had a target on his back.

And when other veteran players tell rookie players that they should be threatened due to those wins, he hates it.

“Taylor said, “I hate it, I hate it. They put it like, ‘Woah, four times he won.’ Man, I won four times over ten years ago.”

A long time ago, that is. Why are you bringing up ancient crap? But that’s what a lot of veterans are doing, trying to get others to look at me and say, ‘Yeah, we should get him out of here, maybe.’ It’s kind of irritating.

From the beginning, one prominent veteran player was targeting and eliminating

Why wouldn’t one plant date the other? pic.twitter.com/DUDiRHIlQr- Wes Bergmann (@WestonBergmann) 28 December 2020 ‘The Challenge’: 1 contestant said that Wes Bergmann only has “bad relationships” in the house of ‘Double Agents’

While several players are wary of the physical skills of Taylor, it was Bergmann who had a target on his back.

Bergmann is known for his determination to make his way to the playoffs, and he was prepared to be taken out of the game as early as possible by both veterans and rookies.

I had no motivation to keep fighting, I knew I was just going to keep being thrown in, I knew people were going to keep coming after me, and they didn’t even have an excuse or a justification why. “You know, I was broke,” Bergmann told Entertainment Weekly of the house targeting him so early in the game.

They distract me, but they don’t tell me the true reasons why they throw me in, but they just keep lying to me about why they do it.

We’re not sure if we’re going to see Bergmann for a long time in another Challenge season, but we hope that his love of the game won’t hold him out for too long.


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