The Carrie Diaries’ All Wrong About the Upbringing of Carrie Bradshaw


Fans learn extraordinarily little about the personal life of the four main characters during Sex and the City’s runtime.

This decision was a deliberate one. The production team decided to concentrate on the lives they created for themselves, instead of concentrating on how their lives were shaped. Tidbits of data have been published over the years that have helped to make Carrie Bradshaw, Miranda Hobbes, Samantha Jones and Charlotte York more dynamic.

With the mystery, fans were mostly on board, and then ‘The Carrie Diaries’ came along.

The prequel series turned everything we learned about the early life of Carrie fully on its head.

The backstory of Carrie Bradshaw is a bit of a mystery…

Perhaps the most enigmatic of the four main characters was Carrie’s backstory. She spoke freely about sex and dating, but never explicitly addressed her mother. She didn’t talk about her father much either. Actually, in answer to Julian’s query about what her father would think about her leaving, she mentioned her father only once. Fans heard at that moment that Carrie’s dad had abandoned her when she was five years old.

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When the series ended, the remainder of Carrie’s early life remained a mystery. Where she grew up, whether she had siblings or how she became a journalist, audiences never knew. A prequel to Sex and the City, The Carrie Diaries, was expected to provide some answers. It has done the reverse. The book and the short-lived TV adaptation flipped everything viewers felt they knew about Carrie on their head.

The Carrie Diaries presented a somewhat different upbringing to Carrie Bradshaw.

It was supposed that the Carrie Diaries is about Carrie as a teenager, but Sex and the City fans discovered that the Carrie of The Carrie Diaries had absolutely nothing to do with the popular HBO series narrator. Carrie came from a fictional, affluent suburb of Connecticut in the previous season. In her childhood, her father was very present, but her mother had died.

Teenage Carrie had a sister, worked for a law firm as an intern, and tried to make peace with the death of her mother.

Fans may also believe that, partly because of their home and partly because of the wardrobe her mother left behind when she died, Carrie’s family was rich.

The plot holes and mistakes were bemoaned by fans of the original series, arguing that the young Carrie never grew up to be the sex columnist they came to know and love.

How different was the Carrie of Sex and the City from the Carrie of The Carrie Diaries?

As much of a fashionista as her older counterpart, the younger Carrie was. Even so, supporters say that the similarities end there.

Fans point out that they have long believed that the older Carrie came from a working-class background, apart from the gaping plot hole surrounding Carrie’s father and mother. It was also strange to some viewers that the older Carrie never discussed growing up in Connecticut, although the state was mentioned many times during the six seasons of the series.

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Vulture states that Sarah Jessica Parker’s version of Carrie seemed scrappier and came from far more modest beginnings.

Although it was never stated outright, the series’ narrative seemed to suggest that Carrie was never particularly comfortable around wealth. She always seemed to feel a little inferior when she ran in circles with members of high society. Parker’s version of Carrie also didn’t seem to have the family money to fall back on, which made her much more tolerable as a character. So was Candace Bushnell’s teenage Carrie a poor attempt to develop a backstory? It’s possible.

Frankly, it seems like The Carrie Diaries was trying to take advantage of Carrie Bradshaw’s name recognition.

The story could have been about any other person. Nothing connected the teenage Carrie to the adult character that HBO fans came to know and love.


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