The box office for James Bond: No Time To Die is expected to be the’smallest of Daniel Craig’s 007 era.’


The box office for James Bond: No Time To Die is expected to be the’smallest of Daniel Craig’s 007 era.’

According to a recent assessment, the James Bond film No Time To Die may have the lowest box office receipts of Daniel Craig’s 007 period.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, the release of the new James Bond film has been repeatedly postponed. However, No Time To Die is set to re-release on September 30 in the United Kingdom and October 8 in the United States. However, box office forecasts for Daniel Craig’s final 007 adventure do not appear to be profitable.

“Bond feels ready to go,” a studio executive reportedly told Vulture. MGM is a studio that only makes one film at a time. I don’t think they’ll be able to keep it for another six months.”

“[EON Productions] is targeting a box office of $700 million to $800 million.” They’re not going to be able to get there.”

Last month, the Bond news site MI6 HQ crunched the math and found that, on a conservative estimate, No Time To Die has to gross at least $928 million worldwide to break even.

With movie theaters around the world working at 40-60% of pre-pandemic levels, not to mention additional restrictions in Europe, Australia, and South America, the outlet believes the new Bond film’s chances of grossing $700-800 million are slim.

Using a fresh set of calculations based on the box office success of the last two Bond films, Skyfall and Spectre, as well as current global constraints, MI6 HQ estimates that No Time To Die will only gross roughly $481 million worldwide, with $530 million being the most optimistic estimate.

“There does not appear to be a road to the $700m-$800m worldwide take that EON has altered its estimates toward,” the Bond news site said.

“And, if things keep going the way they are, No Time To Die could have the lowest box office of the Daniel Craig era.”

In comparison, Casino Royale grossed $616.5 million worldwide, while Quantum of Solace grossed $589.6 million.

Then came Skyfall, the 50th anniversary Bond film, which grossed $1.109 billion worldwide, making it the highest-grossing 007 film ever.

It was the largest film in the UK at the time, but Star Wars: The Force Awakens has now surpassed it.

Nonetheless, Skyfall and its sequel Spectre, which grossed $880.7 million worldwide, are the second and third highest-grossing films of all time.


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