The Blacklist season 9: After Ressler’s flashback episode, viewers were left ‘heartbroken.’


The Blacklist season 9: After Ressler’s flashback episode, viewers were left ‘heartbroken.’

After the mid-season finale, THE BLACKLIST’s ninth season finally returned to screens, transporting viewers to the past and leaving many of them in tears.

The Winter premieres of NBC’s hit thriller series The Blacklist left many fans in tears.

The flashback episode revealed what Donald Ressler (Diego Klattenhoff) was up to during the time jump.

The Blacklist is known for making viewers cry, most recently in the season eight finale when Liz Keen (Megan Boone) died.

When she was fatally shot, she was attempting to uncover Raymond ‘Red’ Reddington’s (James Spade) true identity.

Season nine returned with a two-year time jump, so viewers didn’t get to see the rest of the task force’s reaction to her death right away.

Fans finally got a glimpse into Ressler’s life with a flashback episode on the most recent episode, ‘Between Asleep andamp; Awake.’

The audience was transported back in time as they watched Ressler arrive too late to save Liz.

He tried to pursue Red in a hijacked car, but he wasn’t in the right frame of mind to drive, and he was killed in the process.

Doctors were able to save him, but he was defeated after hearing from Harold Cooper (Harry Lennix) about Liz and Red’s escape.

Healthcare professionals were concerned about his pain relief because of his history of substance abuse, but he didn’t listen and was later caught snorting opioids in a motel.

In addition to being close friends with Liz, the two were in a contentious relationship in season seven, which quickly turned into a trusting friendship after their breakup.

He lived in a motel for two years, where he met the manager, Lauren, and her son, Theodore, who came to his rescue after he was beaten and robbed while on a drug hunt.

Ressler was out of work after the task force disbanded, so Lauren offered him a resolution and an opportunity to work at an auto shop.

When Rachel’s abusive ex, who was also a police officer, discovered them and attacked her, he was able to repay the favor.

Ressler was fighting the man when a gun went off, killing the ex.

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