‘The Big Bang Theory’: An impromptu moment changed 1 of the main characters of the show dramatically.


In the 11 seasons of The Big Bang Theory, Kevin Sussman played comic book store owner Stuart Bloom. The character may be remembered by fans as a desperate loner who had little luck with women.

But from the outset, Stuart was not like that.

It was one of his impromptu moments, according to Sussman, that led to Stuart’s change in personality and secured his place as a member of the series.

In season 2, Kevin Sussman joined ‘The Big Bang Theory’.

In 2009, with a small recurring appearance as Stuart, Sussman joined the cast of ‘The Big Bang Theory’. He was introduced as the owner of a comic book shop regularly frequented by Raj (Kunal Nayyar), Howard (Simon Helberg), Sheldon (Jim Parsons) and Leonard (Johnny Galecki). He is depicted as a confident, prosperous artist who, with Penny, manages to land a few dates.

Stuart does not realize, originally, that Leonard has a crush on Penny.

But he figures out when Leonard purposely offers him poor advice on dating. After she says Leonard’s name as she kisses him, Stuart avoids pursuing Penny.

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He worked in a comic book shop like his character

Sussman, who had previously worked with Chuck Lorre, the founder of “Big Bang Theory” was originally up for the Barry Kripke role.

But the job was given to John Ross Bowie due to scheduling conflicts. Speaking to Tulsa World, Sussman noted that when he joined the series as Stuart, he had planned only to be in one episode.

“I didn’t realize at the time that it was going to be more than one episode,” said the star. “I thought it was just going to be a one-time guest role, but then it turned into a whole career.”

Sussman also revealed that he worked in a comic book shop, as Stuart did. “It wasn’t because I was really interested in comics,” he admitted. “I was in drama school at the time and I couldn’t get a waitressing job because I was a spaz and a friend of mine basically helped me get this job at a comic book store.”

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Kevin Sussman improvised a ‘Big Bang Theory’ scene that changed the career of Stuart.

Sussman recalled a scene from “The Big Bang Theory” talking to Tulsa World, which totally changed Stuart’s plot arc. Penny and Leonard go to the comic book shop to get Sheldon in season 3, episode 7, ‘The Guitarist’s Reinforcement.’

Stuart, who still has feelings for Penny, whispers softly as she steps away from him, “I love you,” The “I love you” line was not in the script, Sussman revealed.

And the authors liked how it worked when he improvised it.

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“Usually there’s very little ad-lib or improv on this show,” explained Sussman. “The writers, however, laughed a lot.

And after that moment, they began to take me back, and I found they were kind of starting to let Stuart’s character go back.

At that moment, Stuart’s despair was very different from his good, optimistic attitude in Season 2.

“It was really the first time Stuart went from a normal guy to a desperate guy.”It was really the first time Stuart went from a normal guy to a desperate guy.


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