The best time to plant cyclamen is in the fall.


The best time to plant cyclamen is in the fall.

PLANTING AUTUMNAL BLOOMS IN YOUR GARDEN IS A GREAT WAY TO WELCOME September and change up your gardening responsibilities as the colder weather approaches – but when should you plant cyclamen?

These hardy perennials will provide a range of colours to your garden, from pure white to all shades of pink, lavender, and red, whether you’re wanting to fill flower beds, pots, or garden borders. This tutorial will show you how to plant them at the proper moment to ensure strong and healthy development and a well-timed flourish.

Planting autumnal blooming is best done when the earth is still warm from the summer, so now is the optimum time to plant these softly colored flowers for a winter display.

The beauty of this perennial plant is that it comes in a variety of colors and blooms at various periods.

Planting a variety of cyclamens allows you to enjoy the vivid petals from winter through spring, depending on the variety.

Full hardy cultivars are perfectly happy to be planted all year, so if you get started now, you’ll have very little upkeep in exchange for beautiful flowers.

Plant cyclamen in early autumn for a winter bloom – now is a great time to do so.

In their first year, top-size tubers produce foliage and some blooms, frequently just weeks after planting.

Cyclamen should be planted three to five cm deep in the soil, according to the Royal Horticultural Society.

Planting too deeply is not recommended, but digging a large hole to allow the roots to establish is recommended.

Plant tubers while they are still growing roots to help them establish quickly.

Avoid excessive summer wetness by planting in part-shade and healthy, well-drained soil.

Some cyclamen species are more delicate growers that require warmer circumstances to thrive, while others are quite resilient and can withstand even the harshest growing conditions.

“Hardy cyclamen species and cultivars are great for naturalizing under trees, on banks, or in a shady border and planted in combination with other early-flowering woodland plants such as snowdrops, winter aconites, and primroses,” according to the Royal Horticultural Society.

The cyclamen, also known as “sow bread,” is a tuberous perennial that grows from a tuber, which is a swollen root. Its herbaceous qualities cause foliage to drop off each year over the winter and be replaced the following year.

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