The Best Friendzy event in Fortnite is now live: How to sign up, a complete list of freebies, and a deadline


The Best Friendzy event in Fortnite is now live: How to sign up, a complete list of freebies, and a deadline

This week, the FORTNITE Best Friendzy event began. Here’s everything you need to know about the event, including how to sign up, the entire list of freebies available, and the deadline.

Right now, you can participate in the Fortnite Best Friendzy event. Following the release of the update 17.50 patch on Tuesday, August 31, the latest Fortnite offer went live. Version 17.50 is the final update before the launch of Fortnite season 8 later this month, and it includes new Wild Week content, a new POI abduction, bug patches, and more.

The latest Fortnite event is all about encouraging you to play the highly popular Epic Games title with a friend, as the name suggests.

You can earn rewards by just collaborating with a friend online and playing Fortnite.

The more time you spend playing with your friends, the more incentives you’ll earn.

If you want to participate in the Fortnite Best Friendzy event, the first step is to visit the event’s official website.

Then, to join your Epic Games account, simply follow the on-screen instructions.

Your progress in the Fortnite Best Friendzy event will be tracked once you’ve done that.

Players earn points based on how long they spend playing with a friend in Fortnite.

One point will be awarded for every ten minutes of Battle Royale played together.

In Fortnite Creative mode, one point will be earned for every 10 minutes played with a friend. A maximum of six points can be earned every day with this incentive.

Additionally, you will receive a threefold bonus for your time spent playing Fortnite during your chosen 60-minute Daily Bonus.

As a result, instead of one point for every ten minutes played together, you will receive three.

You must be logged in to the Fortnite Best Friendzy website in addition to being registered.

Friends do not need to register in order to monitor your progress together, but they must register in order to track their own points progress.

The points earned will be used to unlock four new gifts available during the Fortnite Best Friendzy event.

The awards and points required to unlock the items are shown below…

• Three points for the Outer Space Handshake Emoticon

• 10 points for the Invasion Remix Track

• 20 points for Life’s a Beach Wrap

“Brinkwire Summary News” = Aquari-Axe Pickaxe


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