The Beatles: George Harrison’s son responds to John Lennon’s detractors.


The Beatles: George Harrison’s son responds to John Lennon’s detractors.

THE BEATLES: In reaction to John Lennon’s critiques of his father’s record, All Things Must Pass, George Harrison’s son has spoken up.

After The Beatles disbanded in 1970, each band member embarked on a solo career. All Things Must Pass, George Harrison’s third solo studio album, was released in November 1970. However, after it was released, John Lennon, his former bandmate, made a sarcastic remark about it in an interview.

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“I don’t know… I believe it’s all fine, you know,” Lennon told Rolling Stone. I wouldn’t listen to that kind of music at home.

Despite Lennon’s remarks, All Things Must Pass was a tremendous hit, selling 6 times platinum in the United States.

The record was re-released this month to mark its 50th anniversary.

Dhani Harrison, George’s son, has recently spoken out about John Lennon’s negative remarks about the album.

“I remember Lennon coming to the studio during the recording sessions quite friendly and being played it, and he was visibly blown away,” said Bobby Whitlock in an interview with Apple Music podcast host Matt Wilkinson. Dhani responded, “How could you not be [blown away], especially for The Beatles?”

“To be honest, I believe there was an oops moment. ‘Oops,’ for example. S**t. Maybe that song was good.’” He went on to say that when the band published new albums, they were primarily thrilled for one another.

“I think they were all simply incredibly thrilled for each other,” Dhani added.

“How could you be unhappy if a bandmate quit your band and then went on to do that?” You can’t help but be delighted for them. ” The 43-year-old also shared his thoughts on Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney’s reactions to George Harrison’s seminal album.

“I’ve never really talked to Paul or Ringo about All Things Must Pass,” Dhani concluded.

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