The BBC slammed Epstein’s former lawyer interview, “Formidable Conflicts,” as “inappropriate.”


The BBC slammed Epstein’s former lawyer interview, ‘Formidable Conflicts,’ as ‘inappropriate.’

Viewers have chastised the BBC for their “lack of judgment” in interviewing Jeffery Epstein’s former lawyer Alan Dershowitz shortly after Ghislaine Maxwell was found guilty last week.

The late Jefferey Epstein’s lawyer, Alan Dershowitz, was interviewed shortly after Ghislaine Maxwell received her guilty verdict, and Newswatch host Samira Ahmed revealed the disappointment and annoyance BBC viewers felt.

Dershowitz was questioned by the broadcaster and gave his thoughts on the ruling as well as what had happened during the trial.

The BBC, on the other hand, failed to inform viewers that Dershowitz was Epstein’s former lawyer and had been accused by Virginia Giuffre himself.

“The trial of Ghislaine Maxwell on charges of helping the late Jefferey Epstein to abuse girls was avidly followed in the media around the world,” Ahmed said in introducing the topic to the program.

“So, when she was found guilty in a New York court last week, it was breaking news on the BBC news channel, and the channel interviewed this man a few minutes after the verdict was announced.”

“The Government was very careful who it used as witnesses,” Dershowitz said in a clip from his BBC interview.

“Because the Government didn’t believe she was telling the truth, it didn’t use the woman who accused Prince Andrew, me, and many other people as a witness.”

“In fact, Virginia Giuffre was named in the trial as a person who brought young people to Epstein to be abused.”

“Alan Dershowitz used to be a lawyer for Jeffery Epstein, though this was not made clear on-air,” Ahmed continued after the clip ended.

“And, as mentioned there, many viewers expressed shock at the BBC for their lack of research, as Epstein was accused of abuse by Virginia Giuffre, a charge he denies.”

“What an amazing lapse in good judgment, allowing Alan Dershowitz to comment on the Maxwell trial without first describing his very formidable conflicts,” viewer Michael McElfresh wrote in, fuming.

“Only the tiniest knowledge or research would demonstrate that he is entirely inappropriate as an independent observer,” John Moyes continued.

“Furthermore, his ties to Epstein and the Maxwell trial were not mentioned.”

The BBC issued a statement the next day, acknowledging that the criticisms were valid.

“Last night’s interview did not meet,” it stated.

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