The battle between Jay-Z and Oasis, which ended in one of Glastonbury’s finest moments.


The battle between Jay-Z and Oasis, which ended in one of Glastonbury’s finest moments.

Prior to Jay-headline Z’s spot at Glastonbury 2008, he faced harsh criticism, including from Noel Gallagher, who stated it was “wrong” for a hip-hop artist to be given the prestigious Saturday night slot.

Due to the cancellation of Glastonbury this year due to Covid-19, Brinkwire has compiled a list of some of the most memorable events from the UK’s longest-running and most-loved festival.

Jay-Z and Oasis had a feud that no one saw coming, and it evolved into one of the festival’s largest entrances to date, as well as one of Glastonbury’s most historic moments.

Never one to shy away from a public brawl, Noel Gallagher thought Jay-headlining Z’s performance at Glasto in 2008 was the “wrong” decision for the Somerset-based festival.

The Manchester musician told BBC News that deviating from the festival’s typical headliners, primarily bands, was not a good idea.

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” he remarked.

“If you start breaking it, people will not come.” I’m sorry, but isn’t that Jay-Z? There’s no way.

“Glastonbury is known for its guitar music, and even when they throw in a curve ball on a Sunday night, you think to yourself, ‘Kylie Minogue?’ I’m not sure about it. But I’m not going to Glastonbury to listen to hip-hop. It’s incorrect.” And Noel’s comments didn’t go missed by the American rapper, who chose to address them during his June 28 headline slot.

Jay-Z made his entrance to the crowd and silenced the critics, particularly Noel, by opening his act on the Pyramid Stage using Oasis’ Wonderwall as the opening track.

As he sung along to the Brit-pop song and played some electric guitar while festival-goers sang along, Jay-Z drove the throng into a frenzy.

Michael Eavis, who hosts the festival with his daughter Emily on their dairy farm, said that they had “put their necks out on this one.”

Jay-Z proceeded to insult Noel for the next few months, slamming the guitarist at his Madison Square Garden show in August of that year.

“That bloke from Oasis said I couldn’t play guitar,” Jay-Z rapped during the show. Someone should’ve informed him that I’m a f**king rock star.” However, in an interview with NME a few months later, Noel minimized his remarks, saying, “I said what I said, and it was wrong, or it was taken wrong.”

“One day, I’ll have a beer with him, and everything will be good.”


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