The Bachelor’s expert discusses Heather Martin’s upcoming return


“The Bachelor” season 25 looks like it’s going to be full of drama. One thing that’s going to happen is that Heather Martin is going to come back with Matt James to try and find love.

Fans were surprised to see the former contestant back, but why she was brought back was explained by an ABC executive.

Heather Martin was in the Underwood Colton season.

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Martin was originally a contestant on the “The Bachelor.” season of Colton Underwood. She was known for not having yet had her first kiss.

It kind of fitted the season’s theme, because Underwood was still a virgin.

She had one star date and her first kiss with him. That didn’t lead to a lasting relationship, however. Just before the hometown dates, she decided to back out.

She told him, “Colton, you are so special, but right now I just don’t think it’s fair to you to take you to my hometown when I don’t know 100 percent for sure that I’m ready,”

Underwood decided that if she wasn’t sure, it wouldn’t be right. He led her out then.

She returns to meet Matt James on ‘The Bachelor’

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James’ season began with him meeting the original cast for his season.

Yet there’ll be more women added to the mix.

The season teaser was released and more women were seen joining the cast and leaving in limos. One of them sets things off and instantly kisses James.

The cast was told by another woman, “They wanted to save the best for last.”

The ladies are not satisfied with this. Kit Keenan is seen calling a “b*tch.” to one of them. Victoria Larson is seen calling them “random a***h***.”

But fans realized quickly that Martin was among the ladies.

The manager said she had the impression that he was her husband.

Lawson Bates hangs out with Heather Martin from “Bringing Up Bates” from “The Bachelor.”

Every now and then, in another season, we see a former contestant attempting to find love. In the Andi Dorfman season, Nick Viall was a contestant. He joined the cast later in the Kaitlyn Bristowe season. He was not successful in finding love there and finally became himself the Bachelor.

Now that James’s The Bachelor season has started, it’s been teased that Martin is coming back.

Rob Mills, the executive of ABC Entertainment, spoke about why they got her back.

Mills said on The Bachelor recap podcast, “She was sure this was her husband and basically did everything she could to get there and track him down,”

It is confirmed that Martin is good friends with Hannah Brown, whom James spent time in quarantine with.

There is a chance that, since they have mutual ties, they will get along well.

But viewers weren’t enthusiastic about seeing them, and it doesn’t look like they’re going to be the other contestants either. We’ll have to wait and see how things between Martin and James are going to grow.


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