‘The Bachelor’: That’s what Matt James’ girlfriend is searching for


Here is another season of “The Bachelor”. Matt James met with perhaps the most diverse cast of women in The Bachelor’s history last night.

But just because there were more kinds of women than normal doesn’t mean that James’ type is inherently one of them. But what does a new bachelor look for in a partner?

Matt James on “The Bachelor” is concerned about offending people

Last night, James took host Chris Harrison aside to get some advice before meeting the women who would fight for his heart. He shared concern about being biracial and not wanting either the black or white groups to be offended.

He also spoke about the pressure he felt to impress everyone with his choice in a recent interview with Refinery29.

“It’s a real thing,” he said. I would be lying if [I said] it was something about which I wasn’t super anxious.

Since I’m a human being, like I said, I try to make everybody happy.

The more relaxed I got with not caring about satisfying others, the easier it was to enjoy these women’s company and concentrate on the stuff that I’m really looking for in a person,” he said. “For me, all the women who were there reflected that. What I’m searching for is not unique to a particular race. It could be anyone.’

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In a partner, what does Matt James look for?

Well, race in James’ quest does not matter, but compatibility does.

Someone with whom I can live and spend my life,” he told HollywoodLife. “Someone with whom I can trust. Somebody who has respect for me. I should inspire anyone to be the best version of themselves, because that’s what I’m looking for, and I’m not disappointed by this group of women.

Viewers have seen that faith is a deal-breaker for some of the leading ladies during the Bachelor and Bachelorette seasons. In last night’s show, James opened the cocktail party with a prayer, leading viewers to wonder if the future wife of James will have to be a Christian.

But for James, in choosing his wife, faith doesn’t play a major role.

It wasn’t hard,” he told R29 about sharing his faith on the show with women. “And it’s incredibly important to me and that’s everything.

But this is what I’m trying to say: my brother and I have very different religious beliefs, and I’d die for him.

There is nothing for my brother that I wouldn’t do.

That is, just because I don’t have the same religious beliefs as someone doesn’t mean that I see him as a person I can be compatible with any less.

But I think it’s crucial that they know where my peace comes from and where it is embedded in my decision-making. “

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Although religion for James is not a dealbreaker, he knows it may be for some of the females.

“We’re both trying to understand each other. If that’s a dealbreaker for them, I’d rather they know that about me so I don’t waste their time.”

James, indeed, doesn’t have dealbreakers.

“Nothing was a dealbreaker,”Nothing was a dealbreaker. “It’s just important to know where the other person stands so you can talk about it. If there’s no conversation, then there’s no solution. You can’t expect someone to understand something they’ve never been educated on or talked about.”


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