‘The Bachelor’: For Matt James, this food choice is a deal-breaker


On Monday, the new season of “The Bachelor” began and it looks like there’s some interesting TV to watch.

But doesn’t it still exist? Matt James is the first black bachelor, and he has standards for the women he chooses – like all the leads before him. He’s got to give one of them a proposal, right?

Though it doesn’t seem like he’s got a lot of deal breakers, he has a handful.

And a certain sort of food has to do with one of them.

Food and children’s work are very close to James’ heart,

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In a very different way to other leading men in the past, Matt James joined the Bachelor Nation scene.

The lead actor of “The Bachelorette” or “The Bachelor” was generally a contestant on the other season, but a marriage proposal was not received.

James was never on either program, however. He was expected to be a contestant on Clare Crawley’s “The Bachelorette.” season instead.

James was, however, hired to be the first black bachelor owing to the delays in COVID-19 and the fact that ABC wanted to cast a lead. Since he is best friends with Tyler Cameron and friends with Hannah Brown, he has connections.

But still, for him, all this is as fresh as it is for the ladies vying for his heart.

According to PopSugar, when he’s not a real estate agent in New York City, he and Cameron operate ABC Food Tours, a non-profit organization that seeks to expose low-income children to food and events that they would not otherwise encounter.

Matt James can’t date someone who is dishonest or likes spicy food.

You would think James would be able to manage a lot with his love of food and sharing fresh, fun dishes with kids, right? Well, not when it comes to food that’s spicy. On Jan. 5, James told Lauren Zima in an interview with Entertainment Tonight that it was an absolute no-go for him.

“My stomach is bloated. If you throw a bunch of spices in there and we eat crazy, it’s probably going to be a non-starter for her because I’ll get all bloated,” James said. “So the spicy food is going to be difficult.”

Thus, though James is more worried about what his future partner would think if, thanks to too much hot sauce, he has gas all night, the feeling remains.

But his lead lady also needs to be frank, aside from not being a fan of spicy food.

He told Entertainment Tonight, “We have to be able to trust each other, so if you’re a liar, that’s a no-go,”

And he said, last but not least, that he wanted a woman who could laugh with him.

“You have to be able to laugh at yourself because life is too short to take everything so seriously,” he said. “So, [I need] someone to have fun with. You have to have a good time.”

For James, religious distinctions are not a deal-breaker, although

A post shared by ABCFoodTours (@abcfoodtours)As far as non-deal breakers go, faith isn’t necessarily one of them. View this post on Instagram On his first night as a bachelor, James said a prayer, but if his future fiancée did not share the same religious values, he would not turn away.

He told Entertainment Tonight that because he was so anxious, the reason he got everyone to pray was.

That’s what he does to calm himself down when he needs to.

Yet he knows they’re not all in the same boat.

James said, “My views are my own and I would never force them on anyone, especially when those views differ within my family,” “My brother and I have completely different religious beliefs, and I don’t love him any less. I would never want that to be something that kept me from being with someone.”

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