The Appell of Chase Stokes and “Outer Banks”-Fans


“Thanks to his starring role in the “Outer Banks” Netflix series, Chase Stokes became popular overnight. Now that all eyes are on him, Stokes is using his social media as a forum to spread positivity. He recently made an appeal in the new year to Outer Banks fans to adopt the habit.

Chase Stokes recognizes the impact he has on fans of ‘Outer Banks’

While prior to ‘Outer Banks,’ Stokes worked on several other acting ventures, he is now being praised for his role as heartthrob John B.

“Being in the [heartbreaker]category is great,” Stokes told TMRW. He joins other heartbreakers from Netflix, including Noah Centineo of To All the Boys I Loved Before and Dumplin’s Luke Benward.

Stokes knows the burden that comes with it, as impressive as it is to play the romantic lead in a famous series. He also hopes that fans get more than his good looks from “Outer Banks”.

For Chase Stokes, “Outer Banks” is about friendship outside of social media and establishing positive relationships.

Outer Banks may be an adventure story about a group of friends looking for buried treasure, but for Stokes, there’s so much more to the Netflix series than that.

For me, the most important thing [about Outer Banks]is being honest with your friends and having a group of friends with whom you can really be yourself,” Stokes told V Man. “I think we’ve lost the true art of friendship, particularly for the younger generation.

Instead of just being present with the people around us, all is so hyper-focused on social media and our appearance and what we project into society.

Chase Stokes, ‘Outer Banks’ host, gives an update on season 2

Stokes, of course, really loves the individuals with whom he deals and the Outer Banks story as a whole.

Stokes said in July 2020, “It’s one of those really fun projects where not only is the character fun and not only is everyone great [but]the story [is]so interesting,” I am so fortunate to work with amazing creators like that.

Obviously, their work has turned into something very cool.

Chase Stokes encourages fans of ‘Outer Banks’ to “find things to engage their minds outside social media”

“Outer Banks,”Outer Banks.

Be kind,”Be kind,”

Don’t start the attention stuff.

Be honest.

Be sincere. Let’s start with the right foot in 2021.

This show is about friendship, and that’s what has brought people together. Please don’t make something out of nothing. Empathy practice.

Take care of yourself and be present.

His followers were also encouraged by Stokes to spend their time in stuff beyond social media, which he called “a toxic, addictive platform that can become overwhelming if you let it.”


THANK YOU FOR Entering THE OBX Universe. YOU GUYS ARE Awesome. XX- January 1, 2021 ‘Outer Banks’ Chase Stokes (@hichasestokes): Is this book based on the Netflix series?

Not only did the “Outer Banks” star encourage his fans to change their habits – he also suggested social media alternatives.

Stokes added in his post, “Go read a book. “Tell someone you love them, call a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while.

When you’re wrong, apologize. Let’s not look for stuff that isn’t worth the time to fight for. Today, let’s spread a little bit more love and concentrate less on items that are not and should not be a priority for everyone.

With “All love” Stokes bid farewell and left fans to pursue his plea for a better future.


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