The Antiques Road Trip expert is thrilled as he sells Debbie McGee’s personal possessions.


The Antiques Road Trip expert is thrilled as he sells Debbie McGee’s personal possessions.

ANTIQUES ROAD TRIP specialist Angus Ashworth was ecstatic when he was given the opportunity to auction off Debbie McGee and Paul Daniel’s old magic artifacts.

Expert Angus Ashworth was on the lookout for some unique gems at the homes of a variety of celebrities in the new series of Celebrity Yorkshire Auction House. Throughout the season, the Antiques Road Trip expert assisted celebrities such as Craig Revel Horwood, John Sergeant, and Rav Wilding in decluttering their houses by auctioning off undesirable objects.

Debbie McGee, a former magician’s assistant, was one celebrity whose home Angus enjoyed snooping around.

Debbie was married to Paul Daniel, the late magician, for 28 years.

The presenter toured with her husband for ten years as his gorgeous helper.

Paul died of a brain tumor in March 2016 at the age of 77.

Angus detailed what he discovered in Debbie’s place as follows: “There were a few costumes, as well as various pieces of promotional material. Flyers and miscellaneous miscellaneous miscellaneous miscellaneous miscellaneous miscel

“She possessed an ancient ring as well as other items of jewelry. However, she was fantastic as a character.” “Paul was a real Yorkshireman through and through and we served in the same regiment together, obviously at different times,” the expert stated on Debbie’s late husband Paul. “There was clearly a link there since she had a strong affection for Yorkshire,” he continued. Angus went on to claim that despite not selling many of Paul’s belongings, he was able to auction the late magician’s board game.

Debbie also parted with several mementos from her and her husband’s previous employment.

“Paul had a noughts and crosses game, and there was some marketing material from when they were filming together.”

“If you like, there was an interesting mix of bits and bobs,” the antique expert added.

He continued, ” “There was a diverse selection of products.

“When you arrive at someone’s house, you never know what they’re going to bring out to sell.

“And it was almost as if I was wondering if this was going to be any good. From a commercial standpoint, there was always a tinge of apprehension on my part.” Angus went on to say that some of the celebs were adamant about keeping some of their prized antiques.

Angus acknowledged that he wished he could have taken some of John Sergeant’s priceless artifacts.

“There were a lot of them. “Brinkwire News Summary “..


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