“The Andy Griffith Show”tarred and feathered”tarred and feathered”The Andy Griffith Show


The Andy Griffith Show is well-known for its lovable characters, but if you mentioned one thing, cast members will get angry. If you listed a certain definition, Ron Howard even said they would tar and feather you. Howard said he learned more about this subject in college.

“The Andy Griffith Show”The Andy Griffith Show

There are several aspects about The Andy Griffith Show. It’s funny, clever, cute and wholesome.

It is a source of nostalgia for many. Although the show is undoubtedly fun, few would call it especially complex.

Howard said the series was creative in an interview with the Directors Guild of America, even though the actors did not have tough conversations on set.

“Even though it was a fast-paced program, it never felt like factory work,” Howard said. Later, on other television shows, I would occasionally do guest appearances and it felt really different, like an assembly line. You never felt like someone was lying on The Andy Griffith Show, because Andy never did. It wasn’t until I was in film school that I knew that these episodes were done artfully and thoughtfully. If you ever had me, you would have been tarred and feathered and chased off the lot.

The Andy Griffith Show”The Andy Griffith Show”

The perspective of a cast member into the ‘The Andy Griffith Show’ characters

Howard made similar remarks in an interview with The Washington Post. “Nobody talked about symbols or metaphors on the Andy Griffith set,” he said. He felt in the same breath that some of the characters on The Andy Griffith Show functioned more as representations than as actual characters in nature.

Obviously, in the play, symbols were used, even though the performers of the show did not speak about them.

Howard did take film classes that broadened his outlook, anyway. “The classes were important in that they opened me up to using film as a real means of expression. I had just never thought of it that way. Obviously it was there, but I hadn’t understood it on a conscious level as a kind of poetry.”

Ron Howard said that the series was like that famous director’s job.

He went on to research crucial films such as The Seventh Seal by Ingmar Bergman and The Graduate by Mike Nichols. He is a classic movie connoisseur. Interestingly, he felt that “The Andy Griffith Show” was similar to the work of Frank Capra, a classic film director.

‘The Show of Andy Griffith’: how Griffith referred to Ron Howard attempting to modify an episode

For directing It’s a Wonderful Life, Capra is best known. Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, You Can’t Take It With You and It Happened One Night are some of his other famous films.

Capra also depicts average individuals in his films as ultimately good and wholesome. Although there wasn’t much in the way of metaphors for The Andy Griffith Show, Howard still saw parallels between it and a classic director’s work.


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