The amber watchlist has been deleted, prompting MPs to demand for “getting travel flowing.”


The amber watchlist has been deleted, prompting MPs to demand for “getting travel flowing.”

The proposed amber watchlist has been dropped by ministers, providing even greater uncertainty for travelers. MP Andrew Bridgen, speaking on GB News, reacted to the news.

The amber watchlist was designed to alert Britons to countries that were considering switching to the traffic light system.

The goal was to make the system more clear for passengers.

Ministers, on the other hand, have agreed to put the proposal on hold in order to keep things as simple as possible.

MP Andrew Bridgen, who spoke on the GB News Breakfast Show, stated that it was time to reclaim our lives.

“I’m very enthusiastic to get international travel flowing, with test, and bring some light back into people’s lives,” he remarked.

The MP was looking at the local economy in his area of North West Leicestershire, which has an airport, when he said it was time to allow international travel.

Speaking from Coalville, he believed the UK was on the verge of achieving herd immunity and that a cautious approach no longer made sense.

“We must be approaching herd immunity,” he added.

“The fact that the government is reversing some of these more punitive measures demonstrates that the government is growing increasingly convinced that we are beginning to build herd immunity,” he stated.

Calvin Robinson, a political commentator, agreed and expressed delight that herd immunity was addressed.

“We’re probably the safest we’ve ever been,” he remarked.

MP Andrew Bridgen emphasized the UK’s advantageous position as a result of a “great vaccination campaign.”

“With 93-94 percent of adults already having antibodies […] there isn’t much chance for anyone else in the globe if we can’t get free of these constraints relatively fast now,” he said.

Over 88 percent of adults have received one dose of the vaccine, and over 72 percent have received two doses.

People who have received Covid and have developed antibodies as a result of being sick have also been included, according to MP Andrew Bridgen.

In terms of herd immunity, he believed the UK was in the lead.

“I don’t see other people [countries]reaching that degree of resistance,” he remarked.

Of course, some countries have done an excellent job with the Covid vaccination rollout, with Israel leading the way early on.

Despite a declining vaccination rate, the United Kingdom is well-positioned.

A coronavirus vaccine has been delivered to almost 85 million people so far.

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