The actor of Doctor Who hints a return to BBC drama for the 60th anniversary, saying, “Would be fantastic!”


The actor of Doctor Who hints a return to BBC drama for the 60th anniversary, saying, “Would be fantastic!”

Many past characters have returned to DOCTOR WHO over the years, but it appears that one of the most popular stars from recent episodes could make an appearance in the BBC drama’s 60th anniversary.

Petronella Osgood (portrayed by Ingrid Oliver), or Osgood as she is affectionately called, first appeared on Doctor Who in 2013. The episode, titled The Day of the Doctor, honored the 50th anniversary of the BBC serial and saw Matt Smith’s incarnation of the Time Lord square off against the UNIT scientist. Her final appearance on the show was during Death in Heaven, in which she fought the Zygons and Missy (played by Michelle Gomez) with Peter Capaldi’s 12th Doctor. However, eight years after being in the heart of things, she might be back in a year when the show celebrates its six-decade run on the airwaves.

Osgood was a popular among fans of the science fiction drama due to her eccentric fashion sense and devotion for the Time Lord.

The character was eventually revealed to be a part of a larger plan, with her first and last appearances tying in together.

The UNIT scientist assisted the Doctor in fighting off a Zygon invasion throughout history during the 50th anniversary episodes.

Despite the extraterrestrial race’s defeat in their attempt to conquer Earth, one of them had assumed Osgood’s appearance.

They attempted to take control of the planet through her ties inside UNIT, but the 12th Doctor, along with the 11th Doctor (David Tennant) and the War Doctor (John Hart), obliterated the memory of humans and their Zygon counterparts.

This meant that the doubles couldn’t determine who was human and who was a Zygon, and therefore the world was at peace.

The Osgoods resided in Harmony and founded Operation Double to assist humans and Zygons in adjusting to their new lifestyle.

Unfortunately, one of the Osgoods was killed during the episode Death in Heaven, in which Missy launched her cyber army on the planet.

It was unclear which one it was, but another Zygon assumed the scientist’s form, implying that the universe still has two Osgoods.

That would be entertaining.

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