The 7 gardening jobs to perform this month in July.


The 7 gardening jobs to perform this month in July.

JULY is the perfect time to relax and enjoy the fruits of your gardening labors from earlier in the year, but there are still a few tasks to complete.

In July, plants and flowers are at their peak, making it the ideal time to spend time in your garden with nature – not to mention the pleasant weather! Whatever sort of garden you have, from terraces to cottage gardens and greenhouses, Dobbies experts have revealed how to maintain your outdoor area at its best, with a list of the seven most important activities for the month ahead.

This month, don’t be sidetracked by the nice weather and lovely display of plants in your garden; you still need to remember to water and feed your plants on a daily basis.

“Consistency is key!” the experts said. Water thoroughly less frequently, rather than little and often, to make water go further — for example, a few times a week rather than every day, depending on rainfall, of course.

“Place buckets beneath hanging baskets to collect surplus water that may be used in other areas of your garden; small modifications like these can make a great difference if we all do them.”

If you’re hosting a get-together this month, why not add a splash of color with a terrace garden?

“Fill your garden with instant summer color with a mix of vivid bedding or herbaceous perennial plants,” Dobbies experts advise.

“At Dobbies, we offer pots for any situation, from a country farmhouse to a modern city garden.

“To sustain your show-stopping display of summer color, water container plants regularly and apply a balanced liquid fertilizer every other week to ensure robust, healthy growth and continuous flowering,” says the author.

“Remove dead flowers as soon as possible to encourage others to follow.”

According to the staff at Dobbies, beds and borders are an important aspect of July gardening.

“Prune spring and early summer blooming shrubs like Deutzia, Weigela, and Philadelphus immediately after flowering to avoid them from growing overgrown,” the experts advised.

“With secateurs or loppers, remove older branches to allow new growth to mature, which will bear next year’s show.

“High summer flowering shrubs like Lavender, Hardy Fuchsias, and Hydrangeas extend the season of color in borders.”

Remember to water newly planted shrubs and perennials until they are well established in dry circumstances, according to the experts.

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