‘That wasn’t a great feeling,’ Ed Gamble says of postponing his wedding to Charlie Jamison.


‘That wasn’t a great feeling,’ Ed Gamble says of postponing his wedding to Charlie Jamison.

ED GAMBLE has spoken out multiple times about being forced to postpone his wedding to fiancée Charlie Jamison, expressing his disappointment.

Comedian Ed Gamble, 35, has opened up about his conflicted feelings about having to constantly postpone his wedding to fiancée Charlie Jamison owing to the coronavirus pandemic’s problems. After going through an emotional rollercoaster due to canceling their wedding, the actor, who appears frequently on Mock the Week and Taskmaster, stated that the delays are now just “annoying.”

Before the first national lockdown, Charlie, who works in television production, and Ed were planning to marry in April 2020.

In an exclusive interview with This website, Ed shared a rare glimpse into his personal life, saying, “It was a tremendous rollercoaster because the first time we had to postpone it was April 2020, and that was obviously in the heart of it being the really worrisome start of the pandemic.”

“And it just felt very new and extremely raw, and having to postpone the wedding then wasn’t a pleasant thing.

“We moved it to March 2020 thinking, hey, why not? They were trying to persuade us to move it to October because they felt it would be finished by then.

“Sensible, we reasoned, move it to March 2021, when it will undoubtedly be over. “Of course not,” says the narrator.

The pair, who have been dating since 2011, tried to reschedule their wedding for January 2021 but were OK with a smaller ceremony.

However, due to the reintroduction of restrictions, this was also not practicable.

“And even in January this year, we were going to conduct a tiny ceremony, and just have, you know, as many people we were allowed, like, just a few people,” Ed continued.

“We wouldn’t be able to accomplish that.”

“Now it’s just annoying,” Ed said when asked about the issue. “The second time we moved it, it was simply an admin.”

“The first time was pretty emotional, so now we’re simply attempting it; in fact, we’ve gone back to the venue today, so perhaps we’ll be able to do it in September.”

“We are, in fact, in whatever form we take.”

Despite the challenges, Ed stated that the entire event has proven to him and. “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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