‘That is a surprise,’ says one Antiques Roadshow guest when asked about the value of jewelry pieces.


‘That is a surprise,’ says one Antiques Roadshow guest when he learns the value of a piece of jewelry.


Visitors swarmed in with their most valuable possessions, ready for close inspection, on a classic episode of BBC’s Antiques Roadshow.

After a guest brought in a set of unique jewelry pieces in immaculate condition, expert Geoffrey Munn was left speechless.

The owner was taken aback when their enormous valuation was revealed after a thorough inspection.

Munn began to emphasize his desire for the pieces that had been meticulously laid out for viewers to see.

“I must say, people want these things very badly,” he said.

As Geoffrey examined their condition, the guests began to laugh at Geoffrey’s enthusiasm.

The TV expert has a background in metalwork and has organized a number of exhibitions, including the Tiaras Exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London in 2002.

Sophie Raworth of the BBC was slammed for an interview with Rachel Reeves.

A sky blue diamond ring and a brooch in the shape of a sycamore tree were among the pieces of jewelry on display.

“I think they’re absolutely perfect,” the expert gushed.

Munn continued, looking at the silver pieces, “They’re in perfect condition, in their original boxes, they’re signed, they’re in their original boxes, they’re in their original boxes, they’re in their original boxes, they’re in their original boxes, they’re in their

The TV expert added that the items were “extraordinarily attractive” after further examination.

The lady stood there watching as the expert complimented the guest on how well-kept the pieces were.

Onlookers gathered around the pair, waiting for the delicate metalwork’s worth to be revealed.

After a thorough examination, the TV expert informed BBC viewers that he would not be “mincing” his words during the valuation.

“£3,500 for that one,” Geoffrey stated, pointing to the bright blue ring.

He added, “and £2,000 for that one.”

“Well, that is a surprise, really,” the guest said, visibly surprised by the price.

Geoffrey joined the Antiques Roadshow in 1989 and is now the show’s longest-serving jewelry expert.

In a previous episode, the Jewelry collector discovered a 19th century architect named William Burges, which he described as his “most exciting” find to date.

Master gunsmith Robert Tilney was presented with a 17th Century shotgun with Damascus barrels in another classic episode of the popular BBC Two show.

The gun had been kept in the owner’s wardrobe since it was made in the 1760s or 1770s.

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