‘That energized us!’ Amanda Lamb of A Place In The Sun makes a statement in a plunging swimsuit.


‘That energized us!’ Amanda Lamb of A Place In The Sun makes a statement in a plunging swimsuit.

AMANDA LAMB, who formerly hosted A Place In The Sun, impressed viewers on social media today by posing in a plunging black bikini while taking a frigid plunge in the sea in Devon.

Amanda Lamb, 49, is best known for her offshore house hunting show A Place in the Sun, but she stayed considerably closer to home today and went swimming in Devon. The presenter appeared to be having a good time on Instagram as she cuddled her children before returning to “reality.”

Amanda glowed as she stood in the water, her hourglass figure enhanced by a trendy, cleavage-baring one piece.

She emphasized her natural attractiveness by removing her make-up for the occasion and wearing her brunette tresses in a ponytail away from her face.

“Well that perked us up,” she captioned her post. One of the pleasures of the vacation was swimming in the @clovellyvillage waterfront.

“Once I’d recovered from the shock, there was a lot of yelling and laughter!

“Thank you, @rubythursday66, for inspiring me to jump right in. I promise this is the final swimsuit photo. I’m starting to get tired of them.

“Back to reality tomorrow, and there’s no way I’ll be able to find a bikini in my neighborhood park.”

In response, Amanda’s supporters gushed over her, calling her “lovely.”

“You’re looking stunning!” one person exclaimed. And you’re so brave!”

“Looks pretty cold,” said a second. “I’m not sure how you do it.”

“Clovelly! This is my happiest place! In August, I only got up to my knees there! “I wasn’t going in back in October, and I’m not going in now,” (sic) stated a third.

“A couple of summers ago, this was a highlight for me. A fourth person added, “It’s such a special spot.”

Amanda joked that she had to “sell numerous kidneys” to afford her lovely coastal property in Devon for her family to enjoy as a vacation home.

The family fell “in love” with the home the moment they saw it, according to the former A Place In The Sun host, and knew they had to find a way to purchase it.

“We fell in love with it (the property) instantaneously, and had to sell several kidneys to afford it,” she exclusively told This website.

“But we adore it, and it’s our little haven. “Brinkwire Summary News” is what we take.


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