Thanos Isn’t the Worst Villain in Marvel’s Eternals.


Thanos Isn’t the Worst Villain in Marvel’s Eternals.

Thanos’ name is synonymous with horror in the Marvel Universe, which makes his recent ascension to Eternal Leader all the more horrifying. The Mad Titan is a member of the Eternals race, however he was seen as an outcast as a youngster. On numerous occasions, Eternals have fought alongside Earth’s Mightiest Heroes against Thanos, yet he always returns for more. Thanos was just elected as the Eternals’ leader in a contentious (and manipulated) election, yet he isn’t even the most feared of the eternal superbeings over their ancient existence.

Eternals: The Undying (hashtag)1, a one-shot from writer Kieron Gillen and artist Ryan Bodenheim, is featured in Marvel’s February 2022 solicitations. It picks up where Gillen’s Eternals left off, with Thanos as their new commander. The solicitation language, on the other hand, anticipates the return of someone even more terrifying than the Mad Titan. “Thanos is wicked, sure,” the appeal says, “but who was the initial evil from whence all Eternal evils descend?” It then directs readers to meet Uranos, the Undying, who once had a position of authority in the Eternals.




Thanos has ascended to the throne of the Eternals! But, believe it or not, he isn’t the worst leader the Eternal society has ever had. That accolade, on the other hand, belongs to someone far more heinous. Yes, Thanos is a villain, but who was the first villain from whom all Eternal villains descended? Uranos, the Undying, is a character to be reckoned with. And may the Celestials look down on your souls with mercy.

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While Uranos’ brother Kronos believed in the Celestials’ role to look over humanity, Uranos believed that humanity should be ruled by the Eternals. Uranos’ attempt to usurp the king was unsuccessful, and he was exiled as a result. When Eternals relaunched, he was still exiled, but he’ll be making a comeback in February.

“For a moment, try to empathize with Thanos. When the one-shot was first revealed, Gillen told, “He was born on Titan, to a family he despises and has nothing in common with.” “In our story, he comes on Earth and meets the rest of his extended family… only to discover that everything is the same as before. He doesn’t have anything in common with any of them. What a downer for… Summary of Brinkwire News about the entertainment industry.


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