Teyana Taylor Slams ‘DWTS’ Judge After Her Husband Gets Poor Ratings: “Len is putting a lot of pressure on me” (EXCLUSIVE).


Teyana Taylor Slams ‘DWTS’ Judge After Her Husband Gets Poor Ratings: “Len is putting a lot of pressure on me” (EXCLUSIVE).

Since being thrust into the spotlight, Brooklyn Nets shooting guard Iman Shumpert has lived many lives. He played basketball at Georgia Tech before being picked by the NBA in 2011, when he established the school record for steals per game. Despite tearing his ACL barely a year after joining the Knicks, the athlete was quickly back on his feet.

The former pro athlete has been extremely active since then. Iman joined the Season 30 roster of Dancing With the Stars, in addition to co-starring in his own reality program with his wife, Teyana Taylor, with whom he shares two children.

In an exclusive red carpet interview with Distractify during Mohegan Sun’s 25th Anniversary Party at TAO, Iman’s wife, Teyana, shared her thoughts on the DWTS judges and explained where her husband gets his dance moves.

Although both Shumperts have dabbled in music in the past, it’s clear to say Teyana is the Beyoncé of their partnership. At the age of 16, the “Bare Wit Me” singer made her television debut, later releasing her single “Google Me” and featured in Jay-“Blue Z’s Magic” video. She married her spouse, Iman, a decade after her meteoric ascent to prominence. Teyana is the ideal person to place Iman in a position to win as a professional choreographer. “Where do you suppose he gets his dance moves from?” Teyana teased in her Distractify interview. While it’s exhilarating to see her husband walk in her (dance) shoes, it can also be aggravating.

Teyana believes the judges, especially Len Goodman, badly undervalued Iman’s abilities, and many fans agree. In the Grease episode of DWTS, his choice to send Spice Girl Melanie C. and Gleb Savchenko home sparked outrage among spectators.

“Oh my God, I’ll be sitting in front of the TV, tweeting about how hard Len is trying. Len is putting a lot of pressure on me.’ He was only given one chance.” Teyana, on the other hand, stated that the judges appear to be warming up to him. “However, I must say, Len has been pleasantly pleased, and he is loosening up a little bit,” she continued. Teyana stated that the show has only strengthened her belief in her husband’s ability to persevere. “I love that Iman has never given up and that he just gets better and better each week, and I’m more and more impressed with him.” Brinkwire in a nutshell.


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