Tess Daly, of Strictly Come Dancing, is forced to apologize after a technical error disrupts Dan Walker’s performance.


Tess Daly of Strictly Come Dancing is forced to apologize after a technical error interrupts Dan Walker’s dance.

On Saturday night, Strictly fans were left perplexed when a technical issue caused the screen to ‘go black’ in every home across the country.

Fans of Strictly Come Dancing were perplexed when the screen went black near the end of BBC Breakfast’s Dan Walker’s dance due to a technical glitch.

Dan and his professional dance partner Nadiya performed an upbeat Charleston to the song Good Morning from Singin’ In The Rain.

The BBC Breakfast host looked dashing in his Gene Kelly costume, but the upbeat dance was cut short when a technical glitch caused the entire screen to go black in homes across the country.

Tess and Claudia apologized for the gaffe, addressing what would have been seen by everyone at home.

“Did anyone else’s screen just go black for a second?” one user wondered on Twitter.

“My screen went black for a second, was it just me?” said another.

While some viewers were critical, one wrote: “Dan’s highlight of his dance!!!….

“The technical snag.”

“The blank screen was the best part of Dan Walker’s Charleston…” said another harshly.

Despite the fact that Dan’s dance was temporarily halted due to a technical glitch, he still received a high score from the judges and rave reviews from the audience.

Judge Cynthia, who is filling in for Craig, praised Dan and Nadiya’s performance but reminded him that he needed to finish his lines.

Shirley called it his “best” dance yet, and Motsi said she liked how the BBC star was stepping out of his comfort zone.

Dan received a seven from Cynthia and Motsi, a nine from Shirley, and an eight from Anton, resulting in a total score of 31 for the dancing duo.

Viewers flocked to Twitter in droves to praise Dan’s performance.

“Dan and Nadiya, you both know how well Dan performed tonight,” one user said on social media.

He appeared to be a genuine threat, having a good time and making no mistakes during his performance.

If the marking was fair, there had to be four 9s.

Both of you did an excellent job.

Dan, you aren’t the best dancer in the world, but you are incredible.”

“Absolutely brilliant Dan and Nadiya what an absolutely incredible Charleston you are what strictly’s all about your journey is fabulous to watch your best dance yet,” one person commented.

Fans have called for Cynthia to replace Shirley Ballas after she gave Tom an ‘honest’ critique.

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