Tesco prices are rising as the Metro store style is being phased out for permanently.


Tesco prices are rising as the Metro store style is being phased out for permanently.

As the structure transitions to Express stores, TESCO has raised product pricing in majority of its Metro stores. According to the supermarket, Tesco Express stocks things with a higher price tag.

Tesco has begun to convert some of its locations into Express or Extra stores, after declaring that it will phase out its Metro style for term. Almost 90 shops in the UK have already undergone changes, as have the things they offer.

Tesco Metro customers have began to notice changes in their local stores.

The names of these stores’ food products, as well as their prices, have changed.

These stores are now Express stores rather than Metro stores, which means that the prices of things have gone up.

This is because Express products have always been more expensive than those available at Metro stores.

There were 147 Tesco Metro outlets across the UK before the Express makeover began in May.

Currently, about 90 branches are in the process of being converted to Express stores.

According to The Grocer, the move has resulted in up to 6,000 pricing modifications.

The Aldi Price Match offer has been eliminated as part of the revised prices.

Tesco Metro outlets used to sell fruit and vegetables, as well as a variety of other items, for the same price as Aldi.

This, however, will no longer be the case.

A London client spotted this on social media yesterday, writing: “When did @Tesco stop matching @AldiUK prices?! That’s a 50% increase in the price of broccoli in one day.”

Tesco explained that the Aldi Price Match offer had been removed from Metro locations and that clubcard prices had been placed on some items in its place.

“Our Metro stores are being converted into either Express stores or Superstores,” the grocery merchant said.

“This one is now an Express store, with generally higher prices.

“We have now introduced Clubcard prices to them, but they do not have Aldi price match.”

Tesco Metro stores first opened in the UK in 1992 to cater to consumers’ larger weekly shopping trips, and their prices were designed to match those of larger supermarkets.

Express stores, on the other hand, are convenience stores with higher-priced items and a smaller selection.

Tesco announced in May that 89 Metro stores will be converted to Tesco Express locations, while the remaining 58 Metro stores would be rebranded as Tesco Superstores.

This is related to a shift in customer preferences.

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