Tesco is pleading with consumers who use home delivery to be patient as the rules of the game change.


Tesco is pleading with consumers who use home delivery to be patient as the rules of the game change.

During the coronavirus pandemic, TESCO home delivery became extremely popular with customers. The retailer issued an appeal to customers who use the program.

For people who are short on time or are isolated due to coronavirus guidelines, supermarket delivery can be a lifesaver. Tesco has boosted the number of delivery slots available in the last year.

As a result, more people have been able to take use of the simple service.

Many Britons are currently self-isolating after being notified by the NHS Track and Trace app.

This necessitates supermarket deliveries for such consumers.

Tesco has provided an update on the service and made a comment about those who isolate themselves.

It was requested that those who were self-isolating alert drivers so that they could maintain a safe distance.

“If you’re buying online, our workers are glad to stay a safe distance when they deliver your items, and they will always do so if you’re self-isolating,” Tesco UK CEO Jason Tarry said in a message.

“Please inform your driver or notify us in the delivery notes if this is the case.

“All of our drivers will sanitize their hands and equipment on a regular basis as well.”

All drivers, according to the company, follow strict safety guidelines.

During the pandemic, supermarket deliveries were critical for vulnerable shoppers.

Mr Tarry stated, “Anyone who is unable to enter supermarkets for safety concerns will continue to get priority slots.”

Drivers can also assist with the delivery of groceries to customers’ houses.

“We continue to provide priority slots for vulnerable customers,” he said.

“You can also ask our drivers to take your groceries into your home for you if you’re vulnerable, disabled, or elderly, as long as you’re not self-isolating.

“Thank you so much for your aid and for everything you’ve done to keep our staff and other customers safe.

“Please remember that our coworkers are here to assist you and are still working extremely hard in challenging conditions, so please be nice, patient, and respectful.”

Face coverings are no longer necessary for shopping this week, according to the law.

Many supermarket chains, on the other hand, advise customers to continue wearing masks if at all possible.

For those who require it, Tesco has also introduced priority shopping hours.

“We will continue to set out time for customers who require or desire a quieter shopping experience,” the statement said, “to ensure that everyone can shop safely.”

“Please refer to our shop locator to find out what hours your local store is open.”

The exact priority hours will differ depending on the store.

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