Tesco delivers a cautionary statement to customers who may be missing out on Clubcard points.


Tesco delivers a cautionary statement to customers who may be missing out on Clubcard points.

Tesco credit card holders who use Apple Pay to pay for their purchases have been missing out on Clubcard advantages, prompting some to take to Twitter to vent their dissatisfaction with the ‘glitch.’

Users of Tesco credit cards have been disappointed this week while trying to collect loyalty points from the UK’s largest retailer.

Many customers are enraged because a “glitch” has been obstructing their attempts to get discounts while using their credit cards with Apple Pay.

Users of the Tesco credit card normally get their points and savings computed without having to scan their Clubcard, but according to The Times, Apple Pay isn’t automatically integrated in the system’s operation.

As a result, clients who use Apple Pay to use their Tesco credit card miss out on Clubcard privileges, costing them money in the long run.

When used appropriately, clever Clubcard members can save a lot of money on a wide range of products.

Angry customers have taken to Twitter to vent their frustrations. “Paid for a store today with my credit card/Clubcard via Apple Pay and it appears you can’t link the Clubcard prices to the credit card/Clubcard, thus you miss out on the Clubcard prices,” one user noted. “Can you explain why Clubcard points are no longer received when paying using Apple Pay?” asked a second. “There is no error on the phone, the tills just don’t recognize the Clubcard, and then using ApplePay doesn’t even [email protected] card when hovering over scanner,” another irate customer complained. “Information on Apple Pay is in the welcome handbook, as well as on our website and online community pages,” Tesco said in response to concerns.

“We can adjust it if a consumer does not receive their entire distribution of points and discounts.”

“On my Apple Pay, my Clubcard says ‘not recognized,’ and it doesn’t appear to operate on your tills.” Another customer wrote, “Newmarket Tesco refused to help me and I walked away with 0 points, but luckily Ely kindly punched my card number into the system so I wouldn’t miss out on discounts.”

The report comes as Tesco stores around the country have been seen inspecting customers’ receipts in an attempt to cut down on theft.


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