Terry Jones of Monty Python is ‘turning in his grave’ amid claims made by his second wife, 38.


Terry Jones of Monty Python is ‘turning in his grave’ amid claims made by his second wife, 38.

PYTHON, MONTY Anna Soderstorm, Terry Jones’ second wife, has spoken out ahead of a High Court battle over the late actor’s will.

Terry Jones died at the age of 77 last year after a long battle with dementia. Bill Jones, 45, and Sally Jones, 47, are bringing their father’s second wife, Anna Soderstorm, 38, to court over what was left to her in their father’s will.

He’d be rolling over in his grave.

Soderstorm, Anna

Anna has now spoken out about the situation ahead of her next High Court case.

Anna described the moment she learned that her husband’s children would be disputing his will in an interview with The Mail on Sunday.

“Within a few days, I was getting solicitors’ letters saying they wanted the house that I was living in with our daughter – Terry’s other children’s half-sister,” she explained.

“Seeing what they’re doing to me and his daughter, he’d be turning in his grave.”

According to The Sun, the Monty Python stars’ oldest children think their father lacked mental ability to modify his will and are now seeking “reasonable provision” from his estate under the 1975 Inheritance Act.

Terry bequeathed his inheritance to his nine-year-old daughter Siri and his wife Anna in 2015.

He left his first wife Alison and children Sally and Bill to Fegg Features, the firm that handles profits from his work.

Anna moved into a two-bedroom home in Camden, North London, after selling the property she was left with for £2.8 million in March.

Those were happier times. My dear, rest in peace. #TerryJones #TerryJonesRIP pic.twitter.com/jhiZKrWYX6 #TerryJones #TerryJonesRIP Terry’s children and his first wife Alison contend that they are entitled to a share of the comedian’s estate profits because, due to his dementia, he was unable to appreciate what he was signing or the repercussions of placing Anna’s name on the mortgage.

Terry’s estate has been contacted for comment on this website.

Anna disagrees since, at the time he signed the will in 2015, he was working on the Simon Pegg picture Absolutely Anything and had even traveled to America in April of that year.

Anna believes his motivation to fight the will originates from his family’s animosity of him abandoning them for her, according to The Mail.

Terry and Anna first met when she was 23 years old and still a student. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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