Tencent has confirmed the release date and download schedule for PUBG Mobile patch 1.6.


Tencent has confirmed the release date and download schedule for PUBG Mobile patch 1.6.

PUBG Mobile update 1.6 is expected to arrive this week, with Tencent offering the most up-to-date information on what’s new in the Battle Royale world.

PUBG Mobile remains one of the most popular pocket-sized Battle Royale experiences, even with a sequel on the way.

Tencent has also announced that a new fan-centric patch would be launched to ensure that everyone sticks around.

The latest version, which is expected to be PUBG Mobile 1.6, has been given a release date of this week.

We don’t know when it will be released, but we do know what will be contained.

Tencent claims to have listened to user input and based the new version of the game on what they’ve learned.

According to what has been revealed thus far, the new PUBG Mobile version will be ready for download soon and will feature some additional Classic Crate Coupons.

Tencent confirmed to gamers this week that the price will vary based on the magnitude of the patch:

“We’ve gotten a lot of input on all elements of the game since version 1.5. We appreciate everyone’s support and have been carefully considering your suggestions. This week, a new patch will be released that solves the following issues, as well as others:

“Tapping to use the Royale Pass M2 Upgrade Card in the inventory would display incorrect season information, but the Royale Pass would work fine.

The punch button might occasionally become unresponsive when pressed. In Miramar and Sanhok, the Light Machine Gun settings are missing.

“As a gesture of goodwill, we’ve decided to award players on all servers who have completed the patch update with a set number of Classic Crate Coupons, based on the patch’s size.

“Make sure to look for it after you’ve finished updating the patch! (Please keep in mind that some places may update more slowly than others.)

“Thank you all for your continued support. Please continue to send us any comments or recommendations you may have.”

As previously said, there may be a lot of modifications that were not included in the preview patch notes, with more tweaks likely in the final version of PUBG 1.6.

Tencent has also hinted that the forthcoming update will include the return of numerous fan-favorite game modes.

The vote has already been completed by players, implying that the entire “Brinkwire Summary News” has already been completed.


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