Teachers in the United Kingdom share amusing and uncomfortable remarks made by students in class.


Teachers in the United Kingdom share amusing and uncomfortable remarks made by students in class.

We all like to think our little darlings are well behaved at school, but in the same way that our kids sometimes deliver hash comments to us, they also say things to their teachers. Over on Reddit, British educators came together to share the embarrassing, funny, and downright rude comments they’ve received from students over the years.

After all, when you spend five to six hours a day in school, some words are sure to escape.

Teachers in the United Kingdom have also banded together online to share the disrespectful, humorous, and sometimes odd things their kids have said to them.

“Had my first “F**K YOU” from a kid today,” one instructor wrote on Reddit.

“Your’resilience’ stories cheer me up.”

Her colleagues reciprocated by sharing their own experiences on social media.

Some of these made us giggle, we have to admit!

“My first year of Teach First, I did a full day of teaching, had an observation, met with the HT, and talked to a parent,” one teacher said.

“And then I bumped into one of my Y5s leaving a sports club, who remarked, ‘Miss, no one wanted to tell you, but you’ve only drawn in one eyebrow today,'” she continued.

“Let’s just say I walked into a year seven class and overheard someone say, ‘that’s the teacher who sobbed after my year 9 friend told her she has horrible hairy armpits,'” another added.

Ouch! How humiliating… Even amid the months of homeschooling forced by lockdown in 2020, some amusing occurrences occurred.

“My children in the school I was in last year know me as a fan of a certain Premier League side,” a teacher said.

“I had assigned an assignment for one class during the lockdown last year, and one of the kids asked on our Google classroom page, ‘Ms, can I simply buy you the [Premier League team] shirt with [team’s starting player] on the back instead of doing this?'”

Not every teacher, on the other hand, was unfazed by nasty remarks.

“Last year, I was conducting a self-esteem exercise with my Year 5s, and one of the activities they had to express was a positive or negative attitude they have about themselves,” one woman revealed.

“I said, ‘for example, I might claim I am…,’ and one of my harder lads added fat before I could finish.”

“I don’t know what hit me, but I reacted with direct eye contact, and now I fear we’re all on lockdown,” she concluded. The news is summarized by Brinkwire.


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