Taylor Swift’s ‘Red’ album was pushed up because of ’30,’ according to Adele fans.


It’s a great day for Adele fans. Nearly six years after she released her Grammy-award winning album, 25, she has officially announced her new album, 30.

And though fans have to wait a little longer to hear the long-anticipated album, Adele is releasing the first single in just a few days. “Easy On Me” is set to premiere on October 15.

Though there are plenty of talented singers in the music industry, it’s pretty difficult to compete with Adele. Not only do critics love her, but sales for her album have historically been tremendous. In fact, some of the “All I Ask” singer’s fans believe that other artists go as far as changing the release dates for their albums so they don’t have to compete.

What is the release date of Adele’s new album, ’30’?

Adele’s new album, 30, is scheduled to release on November 19.

That specific date was once the day that Taylor Swift planned to release Red (Taylor’s Version). In a bid to own her masters and diminish the value of her original masters, Swift is re-recording her first six albums.

The Pennsylvania native has already found success with Fearless (Taylor’s Version), scoring another No. 1 album. Still, she is incentivizing her fans by releasing tracks that didn’t make the original album. In addition to that, she is releasing a longer version of “All Too Well”, one of her most loved songs.

Taylor Swift moved up the release date for her version of ‘Red’

On September 30, Swift unexpectedly revealed that Red (Taylor’s Version) would release a week ahead of schedule. “Got some news that I think you’re gonna like – My version of Red will be out a week earlier than scheduled (including the 4 disc vinyl) on November 12th!” Swift penned on Twitter. “Can’t wait to celebrate the 13th with you and our new/old autumn heartbreak album.”

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Some fans of the ‘Easy On Me’ singer correctly predicted the release date of ’30’

Naturally, Swifties were thrilled at the singer’s announcement. However, Adele’s fans were pleased about it too.

They took it as confirmation that Adele’s new album would drop on November 19 and that Swift pushed her album up so she wouldn’t have to compete. “Well, there’s the Adele confirmation!” one person wrote on Oh No They Didn’t “I was going to say, this means Adele’s album… Brinkwire Entertainment short news.


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